I just finished my midterm exams, and I’m now on my long-awaited break. I’ve seriously needed this…I’ve been under so much stress lately, it’s been effecting my health. Now I have this time at home to catch up on sleep, do my homework and get myself back into my usual schedule. I’m just glad that I was able to write my exams without completely losing it. I haven’t slept well in about four weeks….these last two nights I’ve slept like a baby.

So, I’ve been doing character designs recently for one of the novels I’ve been working away at. I’ve found it really relaxing lately, as I was so focused on writing essays I didn’t really get the chance to do any of my own work.

Anyway, I’ll try to post some more while I’m home. Hopefully I start to feel better. My stomachs been bugging me all week…not sure why. I did have a fever a while back and some people said that it hits you, and then the bug comes back once you think its gone…so I’m just praying that it isn’t coming back because I’d really like to do something this week other than lie in bed.

Till next time,

— R.

My Sister


A scowl perhaps when the sun first peers into her window…but like the sun she gleams midday, and brightens up the sky, bringing warmth to everything that she passes over. Although my sister does not possess a delicate air, that of which you’d see on a flower, her strength is never-fading, as the wilting petals of a frail daisy. She embodies a strength in which I wish I too could possess, and her strength is her beauty. Why be a delicate daisy, when her beauty is the strength of a roaring sea?

Echo by Jason Walker

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not being very active lately. I’ve had a really busy and overwhelming couple of weeks. I’m currently finishing up some of my school work, which took me a long time to catch up on and studying for my exams.

I’m thinking of making copies of the work I’m doing at the moment because this is a really awesome project. We’ll see if my scanner likes me today. I just got new ink. I don’t know if I should share it until I’ve had it marked though, as I don’t want my teacher to think I’ve stolen someone else’s work, especially when the work is my own.

I thought I’d just share some of the music I’m listening to while I work today. Happy listening.

— R.

Achoo! Achoooooo!

It seems that I’ve had a bit of a cold for the last few days. I’m finally starting to feel better, however it would be nice if I could stop sneezing and coughing.

I forced myself to get outside for a bit of fresh air this morning. I guess I was just stressed out…although I don’t know for sure if people can get a cold or fever just because of stress. It happens in a lot of Romantic fiction but in reality…I’m not sure if that’s the case.

Hopefully I’ll be well for my trip home tomorrow. I want to be sniffle free while woofing down turkey. I love Thanksgiving.

Seriously though…I want to stop sneezing. I’m annoyed with the sound of my own sniffling now.


Up Late Reading

It seems that I have a fever. I guess staying up till two in the morning wasn’t such a great idea. Especially on a school night…but I couldn’t stop reading. Even today when I got on the bus I was reading. I kept getting drawn into the pages. I just read and read and read, and I wandered. I almost forgot how much I loved to read. How much books become a part of me. How they heal me, and give me strength so that I might forget for a little while the hardships I may be facing. Hopefully I’ll feel much better tomorrow. Hopefully with each and every day that passes my heart will heal…as a story progresses at every page that is turned.

The Fall


The Fall, O. Ryder. Sept 26th, 2016.


The Fall

By O. Ryder

I realized that I didn’t own a hairdryer when my sister’s wet towel brushed against my skin last night. It was cold. It soothed the pain my bear arms but I moved it away, onto her lap. Whenever someone wore a towel on their head I imagined the Virgin Mary.

“It’s cold.”

She looked at me, big eyes glaring. “I just washed my hair.” Always glaring.

In that moment I felt stupid. Glaring eyes often made me feel as though I’d done something stupid.

Always glaring. Always stupid.

I felt uneasy as she pressed her back into my pillow. The olive green towel reminded me of my sweater: how it hung on her and how her gold strands clung to it as she rested against me.

I wasn’t attracted to blondes, I told myself. She was pretty but plain. I liked dark hair. I liked dark hair and warm eyes. No glaring. Never glaring.

My sister elbowed me. Woke me from my trance. Told me Dad wanted to talk.

My eyes left the green and my hands found the phone. I wondered why I had been in such a daze. Wet hair was soft, I thought. I haven’t worn that sweater in a long time.

I talked. He talked. He hung up.

Whenever we spoke lately he felt as though he was keeping me away from something. I just had trouble finding things to talk about. I wanted to hear warmth in his voice.

Everything died in the Fall. The plants, the insects, Granddad. Even some of the Angels died in the Fall.

Love blossomed in the Fall, but made me feel dead.

I was not fond of the weather. It was deceiving. Deceiving Canadian Fall.

The weather was as schizophrenic as our identity. Some said they felt it was bipolar…perhaps…perhaps.

Always glaring. Always falling. Always stupid. Always dead.

I wondered how anyone could rest their head in such a messy room. It smelt of burnt popcorn, wet towels and cologne.

And those golden strands had smelt like summer.

She was the Summer. I the Fall.

For once I had fallen, she had fled. As the warmth does when death comes.

She was Life. I Death.

Despite wishing, I represented the end.

“I love this sweater.” she said.

I said nothing.

She wrapped her fingers in mine. It felt uncomfortable.

“Wanna cuddle?”

I remembered the wet green towel. My sister was asking for the phone back. I placed it in her hand. I watched the television. You could get lost in the television. No thoughts. Always glaring. Always stupid. Always wishing.


Possible Break…?

I may possibly take a break from everything depending on my mood, and the level of stress I have over the next little while. I’m feeling a little down…that’s an understatement…but it doesn’t matter. Anyway, to avoid depressing all of my readers, I think it would be best if I just took a couple of days to cheer up. I’m going to go for a run or something today to clear my head. I need the exercise…I need the clear head.

I wish I wasn’t behind in my readings for class. After Saturday I think I only got two of my readings done out of seven. No…I did three. I just couldn’t focus, which is funny because now I feel like getting swallowed up by the pages of a good book. My mind is the best place to hide…and the words make good hiding places.

I’ve tried drawing, writing…and I just feel empty. I’ll keep pushing myself. I’ll be able to do it. I guess I’m afraid of being lost in my own thoughts right now.

To avoid making myself feel any worse I shall end this here.

Till next time.

— R.



Pounding out the Pain

At the moment I have the same song on repeat (in a language I don’t understand),blasting in my ears because my head is pounding. I know that might sound weird but for some reason all the sound going into my head helps whenever I had a headache.

I’m trying very hard to fall asleep but it isn’t working. I’m just having one of those days.

Hopefully I feel a lot better in the morning. All I seemed to do today in class was sketch pictures of people. I barely remember anything at all from my 9pm lecture…except that I had to hand in a write up at the end…and I’m not sure if what I wrote even made any sense what so ever. I don’t even know if I answered the question….I wrote stuff though. My name was on it.

I’ll try and blog something more interesting when I’m feeling better. Maybe I’ll get a snapshot of my random drawings from class and stuff.

— R.

What is this Post?

I think I may have a cold, due to my serious lack of sleep and exercise in the last week. I’ve just had no time to catch up, and I keep waking up at weird hours in the morning.

I feel like I have to sneeze but can’t. My throats sore and I kind of feel like…a zombie. Like I feel like going “braaaaaains” but instead of eating brains I’m eating an apple…which is like the fruit of knowledge right? So basically the same thing.

I don’t know what I’m saying. Ha, ha! Okay bye for now.

— R.