First Blog Post!

Alright, my first post to this blog. This is exciting!

So this is a blog about what writers do best, and at the moment I am not fully sure about what I should write? Well then I think I will talk about what I’m currently up to. I am currently working on a resume. Yep, I need a job.

You see folks, when you live at home, and you’re getting ready to graduate High School your parent’s stop giving handouts. Oh yes my dear readers, your parents say things like, “You want a car? Get a job.” or “You want a dog? Fine we’ll move to the country, and you can get a job and buy your own dog.”

Which is why, I decided first thing this morning, at exactly 6:35 am (I never sleep in), that I would start-up on my resume. The thing is I’m not sure where I’m applying…I’m good with children, books, and I like art. Problem is there aren’t any art stores close enough that I could ride my bike too. I could try busing? Except I barely know how to use public transit to get to school. I can drive, I have my license…I just need my own car. I’m waiting for my Camaro. I swear, I’m going to wake up one morning, look out the front window and go, “HEY YOU FINALLY SHOWED UP!” See in my world, car’s and new laptops appear like magic. So some places that my parents have recommended I try getting a job, Starbucks…I don’t like coffee but they have amazing hot chocolates and I could eat like twenty of the scones if I had a larger stomach. My parent’s want me to try applying at Starbucks because they go there EVERYDAY. I’m not over exaggerating. My dad goes to Starbuck’s at 7 or 8 in the morning on weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. On weekdays he goes to Starbucks at least twice a day. My mom is suddenly having a cappuccino craving…her friend’s think it’s an addiction. I’m starting to agree. I’m a bit concerned at this point.

My mom went to go get gas the other day, which probably would’ve taken her twenty minutes. She was gone for about two hours. When she came back all she said was, “I got my cappuccino!”

“I got my cappuccino,” was her reply to me saying, “Hi mom.”

I’m very concerned. I think she needs help… actually I need her help! I need to ask her to help me pick a few places to apply. I could work at Target? I know that some local places are hiring too. I’d love to work some place where there are books, and children…like the library…except the closest one to me, I don’t think they hire teenagers? I’ve never seen anyone in there working that was younger than at least thirty. Then again…I’ve volunteered and taken classes there, and I used to spend every day in there as a kid? I think they’d let me work there? Then again…my sister had about forty dollars in late fees once, again not over exaggerating. My sister takes out like ten books at a time, and movies, on my dads card, and then we go to the library three weeks later and find out she hasn’t returned anything and now my dad has to pay money.

I really need a job…I mean, writing is my favourite hobby besides drawing, reading, and colouring kids menu’s…but I need a job because I’m only just publishing my first book, and well…I’m new at this publishing thing. I’m just a rookie here.

What job’s would you recommend for someone like me? I like working with children, I like books, and art, and I like movies and video games. If that even helps at all.

Well I think I’ll end my blog here?

Hooray I created my first blog post. [Insert happy dance here] WOOHOO!

Ha…bye super awesome readers of mine.




6 thoughts on “First Blog Post!

  1. There are a lot of places that hire students for the summer before they head off to college. As far as Starbucks, though your parents are addicts it could be the perfect place for you. I found working at places where I don’t like there stuff allows me to save a lot more money to spend it on what I really want!!! Then again, if I could have had a job at B&N, a local bookstore, the library, or several clothing boutiques I would’ve gotten a discount and spent my money again.

    Anywho, great to meet you! I just began blogging late last week and it’s been amazing. Welcome to the madness.

    • I guess your right about working at places you don’t like to save money. I’d save a ton if I worked at Starbucks, or any other coffee place.
      I’d love to work at Chapters, or Book Express or a place like that, but I know I’d spend my pay check on books. Recently I spent $60 on books that I’d bought with my grandparents…actually after than I spent $25 on manga. Dx I feel like I should avoid places with books or something because I love to read WAY too much.
      It’s great to meet you too! I just started blogging on this blog today. I have had blogs in the past but I never really new what to blog about? Blogging on here is so much fun though. It’s like writing a journal. 🙂 Thanks for the tips by the way!

      • I had to restrain myself from buying more books. Then I found how to get free ones and review them and go to conventions and now I’m on an entirely oversized book ban at my house since there is nowhere else to put them!

      • Whoa…my books caused one of the shelves on my bookshelf to collapse.I have books on my floor too…but that’s because I haven’t finished reading them yet…plus my Uncle read a book, which he lent to my nana which they both told me to read at a family get together on the weekend, and so now I have another new book xD Banning books would be so hard for me. I’d love to review books as a way to make money, but I feel like I could never go on an oversized book ban…or any sort of book ban for that matter? It’d be like banning myself from drinking milk…actually I did that already Dx it’s kind of hard though.

      • Well after having well over four hundred books hunkered into my new house with no actual home they’re shoved in closets, under beds, shelves where there is room. Next time my husband and I need to get a bigger house!

        It was hard at first. However now I stick to ebooks for the time being so I don’t lose out on reading I just don’t get the pretties in my home 😦

        Reviewing books as a living can happen via your blog. It’ll take some work and you’ll have to really build yourself up but I have two blogger buddies who have made it work and they’re amazing at it. Oh if we could all get sponsered doing something so fun.

      • Wow that’s a lot of books. If my mom didn’t secretly give away some of my old books I might of had about fifty? I’ve never counted all the books in my room until now and I apparently have over fifty. How on earth did I end up with so many books? I blame my nana for being such an avid reader. She always lends me books nd she She probably has over one-hundred at her place.

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