The Tags I Write When I Ramble About my Life…

If you actually pay attention to some of the stuff I tag to my blog posts…you can learn some pretty cool stuff. Yep…


studying, advice, help, school, education, learning, finding, searching, hungry, worn out, help, seeking advice, seeking guidance, study tips, studying, studies, reading, writing, music, singing, being goofy, projects, business, my stomach hurts because I haven’t eaten since lunch, it’s only 4:17, I wish I was a unicorn…no I don’t actually…I would rather be a giraffe so then I could see over my classmates, I don’t like when people say “REALLY!?” when they find out how old I am, I like pie what’s your favourite food?, Are you a play dough monster? I hope you like cheese, I wish the world was made of chocolate…never mind…I wish the world was made of cake, CAKE, I wanna be a billionaire I hate this song la la la la la laaaa sing along, I talk about random things when I’m hungry and tired, I’m kind of feeling down today, It’s now 4:20, I wish too much, I hope my mom actually decides to cook dinner before 6 o’clock, My dad makes the sandwiches in this family and you know what!? They taste great, My mom…you don’t want her making sandwiches, I love cookies, I love cookies so much I think I will bake some today, I think I’m too lazy to bake though, I guess I’ll just sit here and add lol I almost wrote a bad word, As you can see I have the mind of a teenager…who would have guess, I think twerking is disgusting, I think banana’s taste like weird, I just said like weird, this is in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, This little kid told me that if you eat too much ice cream that you can get diabetes…who would have guessed?


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