4 thoughts on “Never pay an au…

    • xD That is so true, however whenever I read books by Charles Dickens there are a lot fancy words (possibly due to the setting and or time period) but the books also have up to 30 chapters. Plus I noticed while reading a page the other day from one of his books that it took him half a page just to say, “Nancy kept her back to him.” He and authors like Stephen King seem to just go on and on forever it seems.

      • Not to go on forever, I’ve never read much Dickens. Sorry, I didn’t want that punishment. King – I like some of the movies: Shankshaw, the one in Maine with Jennifer Jason Leigh, original Carrie. Dickens movies – not really except The Christmas Carole.
        George Orwell did a criticism of Dickens. He tried to fathom what made him so popular. He went on too long, but his essay is shorter than any of Dicken’s writings. I recommend that to explain why run-on sentences and overlong paragraphs are used in place of eight-word sentences.

      • The reason I decided to try out Charles Dickens was because of a movie that I was a huge fan of as a child, “Oliver and Company.” I’ve never read or watched anything by Steven King mainly because I’m not a big horror fan. I do enjoy Charles Dickens stories but the amount of description makes it hard to get through the book. I’m not a fan of George Orwell’s book 1984 but many of my friends love it. I just didn’t like the ending or when Winston and Julia were making love…plus Julia was a horrible female lead…in my opinion that is. I’d like to check out Orwell’s criticism though. I think that would be interesting now that I know both of their writing styles. Thanks for telling me about it 🙂

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