Now that I thin…

Now that I think about it, if I had a million dollars I’d have a lot of loonies.


If I had a mill…

If I had a million dollars, I’d buy an autobot… like a real one. That actually turns into a car and everything. That’d be pretty sweet.

“Autobots are the good guys,” one of my five year old students.

😀 We like Transformers.


Even though veg…

Even though veggies are good for me, I’d rather eat that brownie….

If I drink this green veggie juice can I please have brownies for breakfast? I hate eating dessert from for breakfast…unless its crepes or something.


I’m tired. D’:


Every time I bl…

Every time I blog or tweet, I do the rock on thing with my hands or give peace signs….

Orion wondering about the many…peculiar things that Orion does throughout the day. For example…Orion is currently wonder why they talk about themselves in third person.

-_-! I need to study harder than this. Been up since six and I’m still working my way through this chapter. It’s the last chapter I have to review but it’s taking so LONG!

Solve My Riddle…

Solve My Riddle!

— The grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge from Dora the Explora.

I haven’t asked anyone to solve a riddle in maybe two years now. That’s a long time.

So here’s a riddle: You give someone a dollar. You are this persons brother but the person is not your brother. How is the possible?


Why I Write

This was a comment that I posted on Cristian Mihai’s blog. I thought I would share it with everyone.

I started writing stories back when I was four years old. I grew up in a time where everything on T.V. was about testing on animals and saving our planet. These topics were almost always the basis for my stories between ages four to seven. Later on I began writing fan-fiction about my favourite cartoons.
I didn’t start to call myself a writer until I was fourteen. That was when I wrote my first novel. I have to say that since then I’ve grown a lot as a writer.
I however am not exactly sure why I write? I used to be very insecure as a kid, but when I started to take my writing more seriously, my own characters ended up teaching me that, “No one can be happy trying to please everyone.”
Being a writer has given me the freedom to be myself, and that is the best gift anyone could ever ask for.