It’s sad to thi…

It’s sad to think that so much of peoples lives is spent speaking badly of others.


I’ll admit, som…

I’ll admit, sometimes I am ashamed of showing my emotions but it is my emotions that make me feel human. Without them, I wouldn’t be alive. I’d be more like a zombie….



Colds, Competitions, Complaints and Constellations.

It seems that I’ve been sighing a lot lately. I sign when I am tired, or under stress.

Yesterday, I finally defeated that head cold. Today I am trying to prepare for next weeks very important events; competitions, and presentations. To top it off I still don’t have an actual job, and I’m nearly eighteen. I want to publish my first novel for my birthday. Last year I wasted my money on buying a guitar that I play maybe once a month. I always wanted one as a kid but I’m having trouble teaching myself. I tend to play things by ear. It was so much easier teaching myself how to write properly.

I’m a bit frustrated with myself for not doing as many posts as I would have liked to. I haven’t even kept up to date with writing poetry (which I want to get back into), and I’ve only worked on my novel once this week.

This post may just be the complaints of a teenage writer, but at least it’s a post.

Well, since I have all this work to do before Monday, I’ll get right back into it. I’d rather not have to stress out tomorrow night trying to finish my homework.

I’ll try and blog a little more tomorrow. I always have interesting things to talk about Sunday afternoons.

Until next time,


P.S. did anyone spot my favourite constellation? I see it every night outside my window and like an overly excited kid I say, “Hi Orion! You’re so cool! You’re a hunter! I like your belt!”