It’s Your First Birthday, Too, Mom!

I started to tear up…aw man. This is really sweet.


This Pamper’s Japan commercial has been circulating within the Japan-themed blogging community for almost a month now.  Every time I watch it, I couldn’t help my eyes from tearing up.  I’ve wanted to share it here at fujinsei the first time I watched it, but it’s only now that I’m actually doing it.  This is thanks to fellow blogger creativechump who encouraged me to share it.  He also posted about this touching commercial in a post titled “A tear-jerking tribute to moms.”  So thank you, creativechump.

The commercial is entirely in Japanese but if you’re not proficient in the language, don’t worry because PampersJapan was thoughtful enough to include English sub-titles.  Just click on the Closed Captions option on the video player.  But even if you don’t understand the language, I’m sure that you’ll get the gist of the commercial by just watching it.  So what are you waiting…

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Happy Anniversary Nana and Granddad

Today I’d like to wish my wonderful grandparents a happy anniversary. They bring a smile to my face because they act like close friends and still in their old age, they hold hands and go out to movie dates.

I’ve promised to write them while I’m away at school. I know that they don’t know how blogs work exactly, though they’ve tried hard to get onto my cousins in the past. I haven’t told them of my blog yet simply because I mainly focus on my writing here, not my life…however that may change just a tad. I have written posts about myself without writing being one of the main themes.

Well, Nana and Granddad I had a wonderful time with you this week, and I’m glad that I got to spend time with you on your special day before heading off to university.

I love you both.

— O. Ryder.

Writing Update

So today, after a week of not writing, I finally got back to working on my novel. It felt good holding that pencil between my fingers. It felt familiar.

So far I haven’t written much, but I know that a two pages is better than nothing at all. I supposed I’ll be getting back to work in an hour or two now that I’ve got food in my belly, and stretched my legs.

I’ve been busy running around, trying to get things done before I go off to school. I’m about as excited about starting the next chapter in my life as I am when starting the next chapter of my novel. I usually don’t give myself a goal of how many pages I write in a day and for how long, however I might push myself to at least get through this scene.

I tend to try and work on my novel once a day. I find that whenever I break my routine I have to force myself back into it. Thankfully I adapt quickly.

How has writing been going for everyone else? I hope you’ve taken some time to enjoy the beautiful weather today. I wish I took pictures on my walk.