Lego and the Heart

I love this. It all makes sense.



I was going to write about how mothers become even more irrational when it comes to kids birthday parties, but in light of recent controversy I’ve decided against writing humour. 

Whilst it’s been proven by science that boys who play with Lego are less likely to murder when putting together Ikea flat-packs, new research obtained exclusively by Vidins indicates that these boys also make better lovers.

Here’s why.

Like Lego, every heart has rules. Instructions that make it up. Like Lego, every heart has a combination of parts that fit together to make it whole.

Every boy who plays with Lego knows that, to make the model correctly, you need to put the parts together in the right place, in the right order. You can’t skip over parts. You can’t leave bits out. Like the heart, everything has it’s right place. The model, like the heart, can’t be admired…

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