Happy Anniversary Nana and Granddad

Today I’d like to wish my wonderful grandparents a happy anniversary. They bring a smile to my face because they act like close friends and still in their old age, they hold hands and go out to movie dates.

I’ve promised to write them while I’m away at school. I know that they don’t know how blogs work exactly, though they’ve tried hard to get onto my cousins in the past. I haven’t told them of my blog yet simply because I mainly focus on my writing here, not my life…however that may change just a tad. I have written posts about myself without writing being one of the main themes.

Well, Nana and Granddad I had a wonderful time with you this week, and I’m glad that I got to spend time with you on your special day before heading off to university.

I love you both.

— O. Ryder.

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