Being Late

It seems that I was late for nearly every single class I had this week…only by a minute or two, but still it was a bit odd. In my head I believed I was leaving at an appropriate time, and yet when I would look at my phone, I would realize that I only had about a minute to get to my class before it started.

Thankfully none of my professors are the cruel type, and won’t lock you out of the classroom three minutes in.

Tomorrow I hope to be on time. I only have one class tomorrow, it would only make sense to arrive on time to the only class I have.

Kraft Dinner

All week I craved the taste of Kraft Dinner…just one bite and I would be satisfied. Finally my chance came. After the three minute wait I opened the microwave, added the cheese, stirred and attempted to take a bite. Suddenly, I jerked the fork away from my mouth. My tongue! It burnt my tongue! Devastated I wandered back to my room, drinking water and blowing on the bowl of mac n’ cheese in hopes that it would soon be ready to devour. As the smell of cheese lingers in the air I wait. My stomach growls and still I wait in fear of being betrayed once again by my beloved meal.

I now understand why my niece puts her food in the fridge if its hot. She’s so smart…

Under the Weather

So I’m starting to realize that this cold is causing me to type a ton. I’m so sorry for my very long comments on any sort of social media website, including this one. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather since I got back home from university. I’m glad that this happened while at home versus at school though, because I wasn’t feeling well at school for a short time and even though it was maybe 2 or 3 days it was horrible. I actually had to get up and go to class after nearly throwing up. It was just awful. So a few sniffles that keep me up during the night isn’t all that bad while I’m on my break. I just wish I were feeling 100% today because I graduate tomorrow…and I really don’t want to be sneezing through the ceremony.

Hope every ones enjoy the sunshine today. I actually went out for a couple of hours, which was great. It’s way easier breathing outside when you’re stuffed up than inside! Plus you don’t sneeze as much.

Rice Krispie Squares

The other day my sister and I made rice krispie squares.

We’d missed having them after years of having metal straightening our teeth.

I mainly sat around and did nothing because my sister likes to take over in the kitchen. Cooking is her thing, writing is mine.

Anyways they turned out great and we made hot chocolate to have with them after dinner.

I still think our mom makes the best ones though. She needs to get back into surprising us with treats because I’m out of homemade treats at school and I would really like some more. I guess I should make some more goodies to take back to school with me…or at least buy some snacks. Trust me when I say this, you cannot survive on the food provided by your college or university alone. You will hate it after about a week, especially if you’re a picky eater.

How did you survive having a meal plan? Please share your tips below! I’m sure many people will appreciate the advice.