Under the Weather

So I’m starting to realize that this cold is causing me to type a ton. I’m so sorry for my very long comments on any sort of social media website, including this one. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather since I got back home from university. I’m glad that this happened while at home versus at school though, because I wasn’t feeling well at school for a short time and even though it was maybe 2 or 3 days it was horrible. I actually had to get up and go to class after nearly throwing up. It was just awful. So a few sniffles that keep me up during the night isn’t all that bad while I’m on my break. I just wish I were feeling 100% today because I graduate tomorrow…and I really don’t want to be sneezing through the ceremony.

Hope every ones enjoy the sunshine today. I actually went out for a couple of hours, which was great. It’s way easier breathing outside when you’re stuffed up than inside! Plus you don’t sneeze as much.

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