Orion is Hyper

Just a warning to everyone who I follow or who follows me or who just happened to come across this blog randomly today…I am hyper and therefore that means I will write really random things and type a lot because when I’m hyper I like talk a lot and my parents think its really bad because I could be having like one sip of mountain dew and then BAM I’m like motormouth crazy kid jumping off the walls and stuff. I seriously don’t know why. No one else in my family seems to have this problem…other than my 2 year old niece.

I deleted the rest of this post because it was long and I was like “You guys will think I’m crazy!” but now I regret it because I’m sure whatever I was saying was pretty funny.


2 thoughts on “Orion is Hyper

    • When I’m hyper I always say that I feel sugar rushing to my brain. I’m trying to avoid coffee as much as possible. I get hyper from pop with caffeine and sugar in it…mountain dew is my favourite drink and is also one of the worst things for me to have. xD My little cousin told my folks I drank 3 cans of pop when I only had 1 and they believed him over me because I couldn’t shut up and was all over the place.

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