Happy 3rd Birthday

Today is my nieces 3rd birthday. I remember when she was just born I was afraid to hold her, and so excited to see her. Then on her first birthday she started using me as a walking aid, and would hold both my hands and drag me around everywhere with her. On her second birthday she ran around the restaurant giggling and showing off how well she could speak. Now she’s the happiest, smartest little purple and pink, curly haired, rosy cheeked little princess…and she calls me her hero.

I love this kid so much. I try not to get all cheesy and sappy when it comes to stuff like this but whenever I’m feeling down I just watch a video of her giggling or look at the pictures I have of her and I instantly feel better.

I’m really happy that I got to hang out with her, and that she got to see where I live.

She thinks it’ll cool that I live in a school. She thought my room was my class and she asked if I had any toys for her and if she could sleep over.

At dinner (sorry bro) I let her drink some of my sprite because I said she could if she sat nicely and used her inside voice. After that she had an ice cream sundae (sorry bro…remember that I love you). Then she sang and talked and giggled and squealed and when she had to say goodbye to me she nearly cried. She must have given me five hugs. She’d hug me, go over to my brother, wave to me, shout, “Goodbye!” and then she’d run back and wrap her arms around me. Finally she said, “I have to give you a kiss!” so I knelt down and let her give me a kiss on the lips even though her face was covered in chocolate and ketchup.

Wow…she’s three years old. xD I can’t wait till she see’s what I got her for her birthday…even though it will be more like a Christmas gift because (sigh) I have exams.


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