I Got This: From Teen to Adult

Every teenager between 16 and 18: I got this. I know everything. I’m smart. I’m an adult now…sort of.

18 – 19: I don’t got this…mom? Mom? Hey mom what am I doing with my life?

When you finally figure things out: Okay…this time I got this for real. I am invincible!

When you have your kids: I went through this! I know everything!

Your teens ages 13 – 16: No you don’t understand me at all! No one understands me!

You: Yep…I went through this.

Your kids after they learn their lesson on their own: I should have listened to you…you were right about everything!

You: I know. Everything is gonna be okay.

2 thoughts on “I Got This: From Teen to Adult

  1. Lol…this is what I’ve noticed watching my 3 siblings and I as we get older. I’m the middle child so I see my brother all like, “Mom you were right.” and my sister is all like “I know everything roar!” and I’m kind of like “Okay I can do this! Maybe not…maybe I need help? No…you’re a grown up you can do this! Err….nah lets just ask to be safe. NO you can do it! But…maybe I can’t? Yes you can!”
    Yah…18-19 is a weird place to be. Not an adult and not a kid. Dx
    Oh and if you ever watched the George Lopez show props to you…my mom made me watch that till I was in like 14 years old. That and Yes Dear and all those other sitcoms.
    My favourite shows we watched together were Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Cosby show.
    That tells you how long ago I actually watched television. xD
    We cut our cable a long, long time ago and honestly when I have my own house I’d rather not get cable. I’ve grown used to just watching movies and finding shows online to watch. Commercials are shorter, I can pause it and I don’t need to sit on my butt for hours upon hours flicking channels until I give up and watch a documentary on pollen or another rerun of Fairly Odd Parents (why is that show still on?).

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