In any type of relationship, honesty is one thing that many people value above anything else. This is because honesty and loyalty go hand in hand. In order to be loyal, you must also be honest. Ever hear the saying, “honesty is the best policy?” well guess what, people don’t just say it because it rhymes.

Honesty in many cases is the best policy. If your parents ask would finished off all the cookies, you should own up to it. It is important that we take responsibility for our actions (whether good or bad).

Being honest with one another strengthens a relationship. If you’re able to trust those that you associate yourself with, then you will feel more comfortable around them.

Of course we all have our secrets but honesty does not require that you tell someone that you pick your nose, things like that are considered to be too much information.

So how do you know when you should be honest with someone and when you should keep a secret?

Be Honest…

  1. If it is making you feel guilty or you’ve got that gut feeling, it is time to talk.
  2. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night because it’s constantly on your mind.
  3. If you’ve already been asked about it by the person several times.
  4. If you know that confessing has a better outcome than lying and keeping a secret.
  5. If you just need to talk.

Keep Your Mouth Shut…

  1. If you’ve got nothing nice to say.
  2. If you are saying something just for the heck of it.
  3. If it’s gossip.
  4. If it is extremely uncomfortable (like telling people you pick your nose).
  5. If you know that this person can’t keep anything to themselves (basically find someone else to talk to).
  6. If it’s not going to affect you or those around you in a negative way.

These rules apply to family, friends and all those other relationships like marriage and pets and co-workers and neighbours.

You get the idea.


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