What Would You Have Done?

Today I’m going to be posing a question…you see the other day I overheard someone crying. At first I was going to ignore it, because I’m not very good at comforting people (I just don’t know how to react) but instead something told me that I should go and see if this person was alright.

I gently knocked on the door. “Are you okay?”

When they replied with, “Everything’s fine Ryder. Thanks.” I decided not to press any further and to go back to watching Magnum P.I.

I don’t know why this has been on my mind since but I do feel kind of like I should’ve done more.

They stopped crying for a bit but I heard them again not long after, and I felt as though I should check again or let them know that I was there if they needed me.

I’m not someone who likes to get into people’s business, but something seriously moved in me. It was as thought I was making up for the time I heard them crying before and didn’t bother to check.

If you had been in this situation, would you have just asked and left it at that, kept pestering them until they told you what as wrong, or just mind your own business?

I feel like I’m over thinking this. I’m trying not to, but I know that I am. Let me know in your comments.

4 thoughts on “What Would You Have Done?

  1. If I knew the person, and it was appropriate, I would have asked if they needed anything……a drink? a hug? Because sometimes that’s all people need – some kindness, some comfort.
    But it very much depends on who the person is that is upset, I think. Some people prefer solitude for their sadness, and others are seeking attention that it might not be in anyone’s best interests to indulge them.
    It’s a hard one to answer definitively, I think

    • I agree. The person was my roommate…but we’re not close. That’s why I wasn’t totally sure of what I should do. Well…we share a bathroom and that’s it. It’s hard because I sometimes find it hard even comforting my sister. I can comfort children perfectly fine. With kids there’s nothing a bandaid can’t fix…but when adults and teenagers it’s totally different. I usually lock myself away when I’m upset…but to be honest I hate that I do that because I feel better if I talk to someone.

      • You let her know you were there, at least. Maybe when you see her in passing, just ask if she’s feeling better. That way she can talk about it if she needs to. It’s ironic but it’s sometimes easier for people to tell someone who isnt close.

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