Thought Process

Text me. Text me. Text me. Text me.

Can you just text me?

I’m not texting first again. I’m not going to seem desperate.



I ate too much.

I don’t want to seem annoying.

What if they don’t text me all week?

They’re busy. Stop freaking out.

I want to go back to bed. I’m tired.


I need to buy an envelope.

Well…I do have homework to do.

I just want to sleep.

I just want you to text me.Talk about something random. I really don’t care.

La la la!

Because the sky is blue it makes me cry.

Oh brain. You’re so brainy.

Tick tock. 3 o’clock.

I’m gonna go sleep and when I wake up there better be a message from you.

Or not…

I mean…you could text me tomorrow.


I guess.

Not like you have to.

I really need to use the bathroom.

Why does it have to rain?

Homework…why do you exist? Be gone with you.

Surprisingly enough, this counts as part of my homework.

Sit and write down whatever thoughts come to your head. What do you think about?

I think… I don’t understand this whole texting thing. I also think I’m overthinking. I also think I really…really need to use the bathroom. Roomie get out of the shower! I gotta go so bad!

Ugh….why can’t my head be quiet for more than a minute?

— R.

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