Maply…Maple-lee? What?

Yesterday my folks came up to visit me just because they were bored. We went out for dinner and I got this sandwich which they all think looks super gross…but its amazing.

It is a waffle chicken sandwich. I described it as “maply, spicy and mayoy.” to which my sister responded “Maply? Really, maply?” but it did taste like maple syrup, and then there was the hot sauce on top with the mayo and the chicken.

It was delicious!

After my mouth was on fire. I like spicy food…so I actually created a character who enjoys spicy food like myself and a character like my sister who hates spicy food. Then I made these characters go out to a restaurant that only serves spicy food. Fun times.

You may or may not see that scene in the future. I just made the comic short for fun, but these characters are apart of my graphic novel series.

After we got dinner we went out for ice cream, and as usual I was the last person to finish eating. My dad thinks it’s because I sing while I eat if there is music in the background…or I just talk to much. Even when I was a little kid and I was quiet even around my family I still ate really slow.

Right now I’m eating slowly because I’m blogging and eating. It’s kind of hard to spoon yogurt into ones mouth while typing. I kind of need to work on my eating habits though. I’ve skipped meals a lot lately. It’s seriously unhealthy.

Anyway that waffle chicken sandwich isn’t gross. It’s delicious. I had it once before at a different restaurant and it wasn’t spicy. It just had this maple flavoured mayo sauce and I think it had bacon and lettuce on it. It was almost a BLT but with chicken…and waffles.

Still, I highly recommend. Don’t dis it before you try it!

— R.

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