Writing Essays

When you’re looking for quotes for your essay and end up rereading a really great novel…man this is going to take longer than I thought. Just around one-thousand more words and I’m done. A little under a thousand…but basically I need at least 5 pages. I feel like I’m starting to pull words out of no where right now. I sure hope I’m not repeating myself. That’s always a drag when it comes down to editing.

After this I’ve only got one more essay to go. Then its the exams and I’m free to focus on my personal projects again.

I seriously don’t intend on staying up till three in the morning like my friend did last night. Even though writing this post is a form of procrastination (which I’ve done a ton of today) I need to look away from my paper for a second just to refresh my thoughts. Sometimes that helps. I really don’t like rambling when I write essays. I figure if you got nothing else to say then end it…but word count is a thing unfortunately. Some professors prefer quantity over quality and others quality over quantity.

Oh well. Tomorrow’s going to be a fun day…a little bitter sweet but fun. Like raspberry lemonade.

I skipped out on dinner so I should probably make something to eat. I’ll see if I can squeeze in another 500 words first.

I wish all the best to anyone else working on essays and summative projects and all that jazz.

Till next time,

— R.


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