Up in my Noggin

Even when there’s no pen in my hand, or a keyboard at my finger tips, I find myself creating stories of all kinds: the socially awkward boy, who skipped out on prom because he didn’t get a date. The loyal fish. The artist who dropped his sandwich.

Random yes…but all make me laugh, cry and wonder why I spend so much time up in my noggin, versus doing what needs to be done. I suppose this storytelling is a form of procrastination…but whatever, there’s never a dull moment up there. Especially when my thoughts end up with a foreign accent while I narrate, and colourful pictures start flashing before my eyes.

Yep…imagination is fantastic…and yes, I am sane. I just have an overactive imagination.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


Blood and Books

At this rate I don’t know if I’ll have enough money to purchase my supplies. That means putting off publishing for another month. That’s depressing…even with a student discount art supplies can cost an arm and a leg.

I really wanted to have these illustrations done by July. I really, really, really hate this. Maybe I’ll sell my blood, my books and my guitar? Then I can have enough to purchase my supplies and a little left over for…one of my bills. Ugh….


Even though I know that I need to be up early tomorrow for work…I can’t seem to force myself to sleep. I know that it’s because I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow…or the next day…or the day after that. I know its because my heart keeps screaming “I want to quit!” but my mind keeps screaming, “I need to pay my bills!”

I don’t think that being an adult sucks…but it was a lot easier when the only time I ever worried about money was when I was saving up for a new toy or books.

— R.

Bizarre Beauty

There are days when I wish that I could sink into the deepest places in my head, and hide from the world, within the beauty of an on going fantasy. However, reality has its bizarre beauty, which is often unexplainable. Beauty found in things such as kind gestures, and friendship. A beauty I’d miss greatly in my absence.


Happy Father’s Day – Thanks Dad

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, who’s always saying great words of wisdom…which I quote constantly on this blog.

Thank you for always encouraging my creativity and for pushing me to publish, and finish what I start.

Thanks for watching Star Wars, Murdoch Mysteries, The X-files and Magnum P.I. with me…wow I watch a lot of cop shows, but I got it from you Dad.

Thanks for keeping your comments to yourself about my random interests.

Thanks for putting up with my blabbering at home, even though I’m quiet in public.

Thanks for letting me steal your code name at Laser Tag James Bond…next time I get to be Yoda though. Yoda is my spirit animal. I just didn’t see it on the list….also you only got 3rd place because you kept hitting me. I’m just saying. Nah, I just suck.

Thanks for always singing along to awesome songs with me in the car, and also for getting me into the bands you grew up with when I was a little kid. You have good taste in music.

Thanks for taking me to car shows, for buying me books and art supplies, for driving me all over the place, for all those years of soccer, music lessons and friends birthday parties.

Thanks for it all.

— R.

P.S. Thanks for making ribs for dinner. They were delicious. You rock.

The Late Night Writing Mood

It almost irritates me when I get into a writing mood this late at night but have to get up early for work. I feel as though every cell in my body is commanding me to write, where as my conscience is advising me to rest. This sort of situation tends to cause me to procrastinate, which bothers me even more. I want to work, however I know that once I start I’ll become so immersed that I’ll lose track of the time and will end up lost in the story. Sigh, the life of a young writer. At least I have a day off this week. I’ll be able to write to my hearts content…and catch up on some much needed exercise.


Journel 11 – 2014

Speak to me with softness for your throat is tight. Look at me with kindness though you hate me inside. Pretend for me that this tension between us doesn’t exist. Smile with me, even if you are bitter.

For I don’t know that you are offended. I don’t see that I’ve done something wrong.

So for yourself please move along and act with glee. Your happiness is most important to yourself as well as to me.