June 7th, 2016

I really hate that the majority of my posts lately are regarding my absence over the last month. There’s just been a lot going on right now with my family, and I’m also working so I’ve been feeling drained during my days off.

My uncle passed away on Sunday night, and has been in the hospital for some time. Other members of my family have also been having some issues with their health and the stress has been a lot on all of us. So…that’s why I’ve been away. It’s going to be a little bumpy for a while…but things will turn around eventually.

I thought that it would be better if I shared this rather than just apologize again and again for not posting very often. I will get back to blogging when I’m up to it but as of now I’m just doing by best to be the optimistic one in the family…and just keep everyone together. I know it isn’t necessarily my job but whenever things get rough, I just tend to suck it up and do my best to make life easier on those around me.

I hope that all is going well for you, and I will update soon hopefully in a better mood and with my usual high energy self.

Until next time,

— R.

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