The Late Night Writing Mood

It almost irritates me when I get into a writing mood this late at night but have to get up early for work. I feel as though every cell in my body is commanding me to write, where as my conscience is advising me to rest. This sort of situation tends to cause me to procrastinate, which bothers me even more. I want to work, however I know that once I start I’ll become so immersed that I’ll lose track of the time and will end up lost in the story. Sigh, the life of a young writer. At least I have a day off this week. I’ll be able to write to my hearts content…and catch up on some much needed exercise.


2 thoughts on “The Late Night Writing Mood

  1. Hang in there. Sometimes when I’m too tired to write I lay down and just talk into my phones voice recorder. Make a bunch of audio clips to transcribe later and listen to when I sit down to get the gears turning. Of course you look like a weirdo laying in bed talking imagination station stuff into your phone – but hey, it’s quicker than writing it down or typing. Plus you are in bed. Good luck!

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