How Could the Author Be So Cruel…and So Brilliant?

So, I spent my entire week reading books. Finally finished one series, working on another. Seems very productive to me. Man, that last book made me get choked up and everything. That final scene: how could the author have been so cruel…and so brilliant? I just kept praying that when I turned the page, she’d still be standing on the edge of the balcony…and then– Ha, ha. Sorry, no spoilers here. Seriously though, I almost started to cry. Although that leg cramp that woke me up at 5am might have contributed to that.

As for writing, I’ve gotten lots done. I finally finished the script I’ve been working on, my novel is going well, and as for all my other projects they’re coming together smoothly.

My laptop is dying, and I work in a few hours so I’d better go.

Anyone have a book (or books) that they would like to recommend to me? Graphic novels, manga/comic books are welcome. Nothing too depressing though. If it is listed on Goodreads, please feel free to send me a link!

Keep enjoying the sunshine.



Back to Work

I finally managed to earn enough money so that I could purchase the supplies I needed (hooray!). Now I am back in business, although there is still one item I need, I’ll survive without for the time being.

Even though I was a little stressed out by the schedule I had a few weeks ago, due to the unfortunate family situation, I made money. I’d still like to win the lottery though, just so that I can start putting money away for the future. Many people find it strange that someone my age thinks about what’s up ahead, but who wouldn’t want to be financially stable once they’ve paid off their student loans?

Anyway, I’ve got my illustration boards and I’ve been writing away when I have the energy. I’ve even gotten some filming done recently, which is excellent. I have to say, my sister and I have made a lot of progress on our little projects. Hopefully she’ll finally be satisfied enough with her script to begin laying out her scenes on a storyboard. She’s not writing a film or anything. Maybe if she’s up to it, I’ll have her post her work on here. I’ll definitely share it when she’s finished, because she’s absolutely fantastic at what she does.

So I’m back to working on my books and other projects. I’m glad that I got a lot of music written while I was stressing out over work and everything else. I have to do something creative, whether that be drawing, music or writing, or I get extremely stir crazy and have way too much energy pent up. Not to mention it keeps me balanced. What better way to unwind from a long week of work than to write a song about fish…sometimes I wonder about myself, but then I look at my mother and realize my randomness is genetic.

Well, don’t want to make this post too long.

Happy Belated Canada Day! (July 1st)

— R.