How Could the Author Be So Cruel…and So Brilliant?

So, I spent my entire week reading books. Finally finished one series, working on another. Seems very productive to me. Man, that last book made me get choked up and everything. That final scene: how could the author have been so cruel…and so brilliant? I just kept praying that when I turned the page, she’d still be standing on the edge of the balcony…and then– Ha, ha. Sorry, no spoilers here. Seriously though, I almost started to cry. Although that leg cramp that woke me up at 5am might have contributed to that.

As for writing, I’ve gotten lots done. I finally finished the script I’ve been working on, my novel is going well, and as for all my other projects they’re coming together smoothly.

My laptop is dying, and I work in a few hours so I’d better go.

Anyone have a book (or books) that they would like to recommend to me? Graphic novels, manga/comic books are welcome. Nothing too depressing though. If it is listed on Goodreads, please feel free to send me a link!

Keep enjoying the sunshine.



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