Back to Uni

Back to school again. I managed to complete one of my summer projects before leaving. I’ve got a little more I’d like to add to it, but I reached my deadline which is awesome.

As for classes, I haven’t started yet but I’m pretty pumped for this semester. There’s a lot going on this week for all of the first year students, but I’ve seen a couple of my classmates around. My little sister is now my roommate, since she got accepted into a pretty great program at my school. She’s a smarty-pants. I’ve been warned constantly not to be bossy by my parents, but so far I think I’ve been pretty bossy about certain things. I like to remind her that we are living with a third person, and that we need to make sure we keep the place neat and tidy.

Well, my other roommate has arrived. I’m kind of hiding out in my room at the moment, because I just started to take a nap when my sister told me they showed up. I’m not sure if she even introduced herself at all, but they’re busy putting away groceries and stuff.

I’m excited to share my project with all of you when its 100% ready. Hopefully I can do so by October, since I couldn’t bring it with me to the apartment. We had a full car, haha.

Till next time,

— R.


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