Pounding out the Pain

At the moment I have the same song on repeat (in a language I don’t understand),blasting in my ears because my head is pounding. I know that might sound weird but for some reason all the sound going into my head helps whenever I had a headache.

I’m trying very hard to fall asleep but it isn’t working. I’m just having one of those days.

Hopefully I feel a lot better in the morning. All I seemed to do today in class was sketch pictures of people. I barely remember anything at all from my 9pm lecture…except that I had to hand in a write up at the end…and I’m not sure if what I wrote even made any sense what so ever. I don’t even know if I answered the question….I wrote stuff though. My name was on it.

I’ll try and blog something more interesting when I’m feeling better. Maybe I’ll get a snapshot of my random drawings from class and stuff.

— R.


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