I just finished my midterm exams, and I’m now on my long-awaited break. I’ve seriously needed this…I’ve been under so much stress lately, it’s been effecting my health. Now I have this time at home to catch up on sleep, do my homework and get myself back into my usual schedule. I’m just glad that I was able to write my exams without completely losing it. I haven’t slept well in about four weeks….these last two nights I’ve slept like a baby.

So, I’ve been doing character designs recently for one of the novels I’ve been working away at. I’ve found it really relaxing lately, as I was so focused on writing essays I didn’t really get the chance to do any of my own work.

Anyway, I’ll try to post some more while I’m home. Hopefully I start to feel better. My stomachs been bugging me all week…not sure why. I did have a fever a while back and some people said that it hits you, and then the bug comes back once you think its gone…so I’m just praying that it isn’t coming back because I’d really like to do something this week other than lie in bed.

Till next time,

— R.

My Sister

A scowl perhaps when the sun first peers into her window…but like the sun she gleams midday, and brightens up the sky, bringing warmth to everything that she passes over. Although my sister does not possess a delicate air, that of which you’d see on a flower, her strength is never-fading, as the wilting petals of a frail daisy. She embodies a strength in which I wish I too could possess, and her strength is her beauty. Why be a delicate daisy, when her beauty is the strength of a roaring sea?

Echo by Jason Walker

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not being very active lately. I’ve had a really busy and overwhelming couple of weeks. I’m currently finishing up some of my school work, which took me a long time to catch up on and studying for my exams.

I’m thinking of making copies of the work I’m doing at the moment because this is a really awesome project. We’ll see if my scanner likes me today. I just got new ink. I don’t know if I should share it until I’ve had it marked though, as I don’t want my teacher to think I’ve stolen someone else’s work, especially when the work is my own.

I thought I’d just share some of the music I’m listening to while I work today. Happy listening.

— R.

Achoo! Achoooooo!

It seems that I’ve had a bit of a cold for the last few days. I’m finally starting to feel better, however it would be nice if I could stop sneezing and coughing.

I forced myself to get outside for a bit of fresh air this morning. I guess I was just stressed out…although I don’t know for sure if people can get a cold or fever just because of stress. It happens in a lot of Romantic fiction but in reality…I’m not sure if that’s the case.

Hopefully I’ll be well for my trip home tomorrow. I want to be sniffle free while woofing down turkey. I love Thanksgiving.

Seriously though…I want to stop sneezing. I’m annoyed with the sound of my own sniffling now.


Up Late Reading

It seems that I have a fever. I guess staying up till two in the morning wasn’t such a great idea. Especially on a school night…but I couldn’t stop reading. Even today when I got on the bus I was reading. I kept getting drawn into the pages. I just read and read and read, and I wandered. I almost forgot how much I loved to read. How much books become a part of me. How they heal me, and give me strength so that I might forget for a little while the hardships I may be facing. Hopefully I’ll feel much better tomorrow. Hopefully with each and every day that passes my heart will heal…as a story progresses at every page that is turned.