Almost Finished with my Essays

I’ve had so many essays to do recently I’m not really sure how I was able to write them all. I’m just hoping that I did well. I really wish that more of my professors had given the option to do some sort of creative option. I excel at those types of assignments. It is also easier for me just…with the way that I learn, to physically do something and explain what it is I am trying to prove versus just sitting down and writing out an essay. I might be a writer, but I’m a creative writer. I write fictions of all sorts and when it comes to doing things such as writing essays, I get comments like, “Great style. Not so great structure” which seriously annoys me. It is more annoying when one professor wants you to write a certain way and another says the complete opposite. Thankfully it is December now and I’ve figured out what style appeals to which audience. I even spent time working on my structure, so hopefully I don’t get marks deducted for that again. I must’ve edited them all at least three times, and ask one other person to look them over. I’m sure they’re alright. Plus I was actually interested in the topics this time. Which is rare…usually only my one professor offers an interesting range of topics and also creative components, which he gives me 100% on. Well…I got an 83% on the last one but I was going through a rough time, and still grieving then, so I accidentally handed in the rough draft of my write-up along with the images I created. When I got it back I was pretty surprised. I couldn’t believe I handed that in…still all he said was, “You write up wasn’t very organized but I liked how you connected your choices back to your own life etc…” so I got lots of marks because of what I had said…despite how terribly formatted it was.

This round I made sure to double-check that I was sending in everything correctly. I do not want to go through that again.

Anyway, I thought I’d blog a little while having my breakfast and waiting for my laundry to finish. I can’t wait until my exams are over, because then I get to edit my novel and prepare it for print. I’m most likely going to be doing some cover designs in the meantime…so I have studying to do near the end of this week. Especially since I didn’t read all the books on the syllabus. Thank God my full year courses don’t have exams until April. All of mine are practically back to back. Thankfully none are overlapping like last time…that was too much.

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