Mission Statement
Orion Writer is a blog known for sharing random daily quotes with its followers, on wordpress.com and twitter. R’s goal is to give pointers and tips to writers as they go through their journey of becoming published. R also writes children’s books and young adult novels which they hope will be enjoyable reads for both children and teens. R’s main goal is to get more of today’s youth taking the time out of their day to read a good book.

About the Author
R is a young story teller with a vivid imagination. For the majority of their blossoming career as a writer they have been creating novels for young adults. More recently however, R has begun to create humourous children’s picture books directed towards children ages 0 to 8. As a young author and a book lover R believes, “There is a good book out there for everyone. It’s just that some haven’t been written yet.”

“Check out what a writer does best…which is obviously petting cats. Duh! Just joking; its writing.”

So tell me what are your favourite genres to read?

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