Writers mean mo…

Writers mean more than they say and say more than they mean.

Mason Cooley


Old Drafts

Whenever I go back and read old drafts of books that I have written, I either laugh until my stomach hurts, or I grow frustrated with the lack of knowledge I once had. It’s funny though, whether I laugh, or get frustrated, reading old drafts is still painful to do, but I do it anyways, because I feel that it is encouraging to see how far along I’ve come. For example in the beginning I would repeatedly use the word “said” but later on I began to try other words like, “yelled,” or “implied.” My grammar got much, much better, and my structure as well improved over time. As I write, my writing improves, and I also cannot forget to mention that reading also helps me to improve writing. I believe reading is very important, and is something everyone should take time to do. Now, I want to challenge you, to go and find something old that you have written, whether it is something from a month ago, or five years ago, it doesn’t matter. It just has to be old. Trust me the older, the better! I want you to look through it, in a constructive way, and compare it to something that you’ve written more recently. You might be surprised by the difference a little reading and writing can do. 🙂

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Getting Ready to Publish

Lately, I’ve been getting ready to publish my first book. I’ve never published a book before, though I do have many resources on how to do so. Back in the tenth grade, I actually purchased two books on how to write and publish books directed towards YA (young adult) readers. I have also often looked for tips and resources online, and I have explored different publishers within my country that I could send my books too.

The first thing my two resource books went over, was how to come up with a story. Then the books would go on to explain things such as the 8-point Arc, creating characters, coming up with a plot, the different types of viewpoints, etc. After the basics on how to create the outline for your story was covered, the books continued on to talk about things such as writing style, setting, theme, and finally went on to explain how to edit, shape and later on market your book. The marketing part actually seemed the easiest after reading these resource books. What they suggested, was that in order to market your books, get out there and have some of your work posted up online, or in local newspapers (this was usually recommended for those looking at big publishers).

After reading these books, I felt that publishing wasn’t as difficult as it seemed. I guess I’m going to find out if that’s true or not. I’ve decided, that since I’ll be publishing my first book that I should document the process. I figure that this is something that should be shared with those who are looking to have books published as well.

If you are looking for a writing/publishing resource book check out: Write A Novel and Get it Published, by Nigel Watts. It’s very straight-forward and easy to comprehend.


I did have another book but I seem to have misplaced it. When I find it I will make sure to add it to this post.

Anyways, I’ll keep everyone updated on this publishing thing. I’m very excited. I can’t wait to see my book in public library’s, and in book stores.

If anyone else is publishing, or has been published and would like to share their experiences with me, please feel free. I’d love to hear from you.

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