I’m attempting to go for a quick run around the track today. I just need to find some music.

I don’t know why I woke up so early. I didn’t go to bed until 3 am last night.


Mom’s Birthday.

So I’m buying my mothers 50th birthday gift tomorrow. I asked her what she wanted and I think she was trying to be like…reasonable about the price because I’m paying for my own rent and food and she knows I’m not working at the moment. Except it’s her 50th birthday. I finally have my own money that I can use to purchase gifts for my family members. My parents have always supported me and made me feel loved (except during those awkward preteen years where I thought no one understood me or cared about me…you know that phase).

My mom is a hard person to shop for. I know she hates jewelry around her neck or wrists. She told me I could get her a scarf…and I know she likes her scarves but that’s such a simple gift. I want to do more than that. She also said she wants a cool ring or something. I don’t know. She was all like, “I didn’t really think about it.”

Why does my mother have to be exactly like me when people ask her what she wants for her birthday?

I’m always like, “I don’t know…books?”

Anyway I don’t know what I’m going to get her. I should just sleep on it I guess. I’ll probably buy her a scarf or two but that just doesn’t seem like its enough. It’s not even the price. I really think I should give her something that she truly wants. Maybe she really wants a scarf but based on the tone of her voice on the phone it sounded more like she was like, “I don’t want you to spend so much money on me.”

Mom, I don’t care! I mean…no offence but we all know that your other children aren’t going to give you a present and if they do it’s because Dad was all like, “What are you getting your mother?” or your granddaughter was all like, “I’m going to give Mumzie a pink and purple princess crown!”

Yah…I’ll sleep on it. Hopefully I can think of something. Better get back to bed. It’s 5 am….

I woke up at 2 am…

So because I’d been up really late all week I ended up going to bed around 8pm yesterday. I had this really intense, slightly sad little dream and woke up. Now I have an idea for a short story! Hooray!

It was sad though…and I’m not sure how two characters one from a show I watched when I was 7 and one from a show I just started watching, could at all be best friends? That’s bizarre.

It was so sad….


I don’t have to be that awkward kid who’s like, “Hi…um…yah so…I couldn’t think of anything so I’m like…kind of…just hanging out…with my notebooks. Just trying to pick and sort through to see if I got something I can turn into a short story.”

THANK YOU RANDOM DREAM!…but why so sad? Why?

Like…I shouldn’t eat sugar before going to sleep. I also shouldn’t have chugged juice when I woke up because my stomach hurts now.

YES! YES! YES! I have something! I’m so happy!

Well…I guess I’ll try to get back to bed around 5 or 6.

I think I miss my family now…

Ugh…I never should’ve watched these clips from kids movies.

Oh well. Gonna see everyone for my mom’s 50th. I’d better get some sleep. I’ll finish my random video watching…colouring…thing later.

I was colouring some pictures I drew of character’s I forgot I made. I didn’t realize that I’d started a really good novel a few years back. I’m shocked at how well it was written. It’s a huge step up from my first few novels. I wish my sister didn’t talk me out of writing that one. She said the introduction was too dark.

She doesn’t like it whenever people die in my stories and I describe their like…deadness.

I should seriously share more drawing on here. I should also sleep now because…I don’t want my professor calling me out because I’m asleep in his class. I was late for the first one because I went to the wrong class and then I lost my keys and…it was a really bad day. So this week I’m going to show up on time and I’ll be all smart and actually try to contribute. I guess being in a class with upper years is a little intimidating at times. Wow…I’m really tired.

Who wants to clean the pencil crayons off my bed for me? I’ll give you peach flavoured juice….and a twizzler.

Alright…I’ll stop being lazy.

— R.

In the Dark of the Night.

I loved this movie when I was 3 apparently. I still like it…but when I watched it with my now 3 year old niece she looked so scared. I felt really bad. I also really like this song. It’s so catchy…and EVIL WHAHAAHAAAA! This movie is really underrated.

Wooooooooooo! Come my minions rise for your master. Let your evil shine. Find her now. Yes fly ever faster….SHE’LL BE MINE!

No one told him all he had to do was ask her on date.

“Just a little SNACKA!”

My older brother would only watch this movie whenever he babysat my sister and I. Then he had a daughter and it became her favourite movie…you know kids when they have favourite movies?

My brother can’t stand this movie anymore.

Revenge…whahaha…revenge. Shoulda fixed the playstation buddy! WHAHAHA!

….Oh shoot…I have class first thing in the morning. I don’t wanna sleep! I wanna stay awake! You can’t make me go to bed! I don’t believe in your concept of time! You can’t control me! I am my own man!

Yah… I’m probably not going to bed for a while.

I gotta stop arguing with myself. I never win.

Damn… I understand this song now. Love hurts. That’s why I force myself not to fall fast anymore. I don’t know why I clicked this song….

Dear 16 year old self…get over it. Life goes on. There will be others.

*cries* I’m still not over it!

*Slaps self* Shut up!


I gotta stop arguing with myself. I never win.