Found on Google. Photographer Unknown

Growing up is like being on a swing: first you’re placed onto a swing that will hold you in securely, because at this point you’re not strong enough to hold on by yourself. On this swing your parents give you a nice gentle push and you sit there and enjoy the ride.

When you’re ready, your parents place you onto a new swing, one without anything to help you stay on. Now that you are stronger you can hold on by yourself. Still your parents give you a gentle push but one day the push gets harder. Your parents begin to give you under doggies, and the swing bounces in all directions, some of these directions are ones that you shouldn’t go in, but your parents are right there to grab you and pull you back before anything goes wrong.

Finally you’re asked to pump your legs. Your parents believe you’re ready to swing all on your own. You start slow and work your way up. Soon you are doing daring things, like standing on the swing as it moves, or even jumping off of the swing and onto the earth below. You’re without any restraints. You are now free to decide your own limits. You rock the entire swing set and lay on your stomach so that you can see the ground. You do things that you know your parents wouldn’t be proud of, and you do things that you know they would love. You’re officially on your own but even though now you are stronger, you sometimes need someone to come by and give you a little push.