Then Silence

From within the shrill scream there was silence.

Silence pulled the trigger—


Shot dead, straight into the head—

And was there in the end.

Still shrieking in darkness,

Blood bubbling but never reaching,

The thoughts ceased and the body released,

And the legs trembled,

And there were violent gasps for breath.

“Air! I need air!”

In a whirl of emotion,

Where there is no place to grasp.

No safety.

Only screaming,

Then silence.

O. Ryder.

Nov. 27th, 2016.

My lip has been…

My lip has been bleeding for two days now. No one needed to know this but I thought I’d share. Sharing is caring after all….

Orion is sleepy and will be lying in bed watching cartoons until dinnertime because that’s how we do it here in…what am I saying?

😝 This face reminds me of Annoying Orange. Is that actually a show now, on…err…Teletoon (Cartoon Network)?