Up Late Reading

It seems that I have a fever. I guess staying up till two in the morning wasn’t such a great idea. Especially on a school night…but I couldn’t stop reading. Even today when I got on the bus I was reading. I kept getting drawn into the pages. I just read and read and read, and I wandered. I almost forgot how much I loved to read. How much books become a part of me. How they heal me, and give me strength so that I might forget for a little while the hardships I may be facing. Hopefully I’ll feel much better tomorrow. Hopefully with each and every day that passes my heart will heal…as a story progresses at every page that is turned.

19 Quirky Conundrums Only Book Lovers Understand

19 Quirky Conundrums Only Book Lovers Understand

Thought I’d share this with everyone.

The first and third one…I really relate to those two.

It is actually the most irritating thing in the world to get a paper cut while reading a book. For example, on Boxing Day I was reading a children’s puzzle book with my niece and while┬áturning the page, I cut my finger open. Its still healing.

Yah, thick cardboard books were an excellent idea…. ­čśĺ

Never have I bled that much from a paper cut.