4 in the Morning

I should probably make lunch of something right now…but I don’t want to. Thing is if I don’t eat now I won’t get to eat anything until late in the afternoon or sometime this evening.

I want to sit around in my pyjamas for the rest of the day…that is until I have to leave my house.

At 4 am the smoke detector went off. I finally got myself to bed at 12 am…and then at 4 the beeping started. I thought someone pulled the fire alarm and was looking for my jacket and some socks. Meanwhile my roommate is freaking out and I realize that they just set the detector off. When I opened my door to put my shoes on I looked around and saw no fire, heard no beeping and my roommates were mumbling in their room. So I went back to bed. Or I tried too….

Honestly, I was probably up later than 12 because I was writing before bed and then I was still thinking about what I had written as I was falling asleep.

I guess I should get dressed and make lunch.

They’ve set the detector off twice this week. What are they doing making food at 4 in the morning anyway?

Totally just noticed that my post name is a song. Hope everyone has a great day!