Quick Writing Update and…Reading Week YES!

Whoa, I just got a whole ton of work done in the last four hours. That honestly makes me feel amazing…however now that I’m finished I don’t know what else to do.

I guess I’d better go look over my other work and see what I want to place into my portfolio for Friday. I’ve been picking and choosing…kind of going back and forth on a couple of pieces. I’m almost thinking I’ll write something new or type up some of the raw stuff I’ve got scribbled all over my note books. We shall see.

Thank God reading break is next week. I feel like today is Friday and I’m ready to just crawl into bed and watch anime, Murdoch Mysteries and Fresh Off the Boat. Too bad I don’t have cable…but my parents have cable. It’s funny, during reading week you’re supposed to read and get lots of work done but every time my friends and I come back we’re all like, “Oh gosh I have so much homework to do. I did absolutely nothing over the break!” Not this time. This time I’m going to buckle down and read the novels I’ve been assigned for the first (maybe even second) week back and I’m going to do a lot of writing…try and experiment with different types of poetry like I used to do back in high school. I am going to do stuff other than catch up on T.V., sleep and eat delicious home cooked meals. I’m also going to exercise because…I keep trying to go to the gym but then I make up excuses. For example, “It’s too late. I’m too full. Too crowded today. I just want to sleep.” anyone else relate?

Feels good to get work done. It feels good to progress…also feels good to relax.

Reading week, I’m coming for you buddy.

My lip has been…

My lip has been bleeding for two days now. No one needed to know this but I thought I’d share. Sharing is caring after all….

Orion is sleepy and will be lying in bed watching cartoons until dinnertime because that’s how we do it here in…what am I saying?

😝 This face reminds me of Annoying Orange. Is that actually a show now, on…err…Teletoon (Cartoon Network)?


I just told som…

I just told some kid why I believe Muffy from Arthur is always trying to sell things. I realized that by doing so I was reviewing my most current business assignment…using Muffy’s situation as a case study.

A very stunned teenager…who is feeling very intelligent. 😛 TeeHee.