My Sister and the Books

My sisters class is reading Hamlet and Catcher in the Rye. Two of favourites! Holden and Hamlet. Gotta love ’em.

Catcher in the Rye is currently my favourite novel, next to Oliver Twist, Among the Hidden, The Boy in the Striped Pajama’s and Steel Trapp (I go by my age group for these favourites as well).

So excited…luckily for her I’ve read Hamlet several times and own Catcher in the Rye. Plus I have all my notes from High School and University…so I’m pretty much set. I don’t even have to do her homework for her now. I can just say “Read this” and she can figure it out. She likes to try to get me to do the work for her because she knows I enjoy English. What a kid. She doesn’t like to read anything but comics and video game storylines. Yep…what a kid.

I’m trying to convince her to start a blog. I’ll be sure to let you all know when she does.

Writing Update (…Well Sort Of)

So, after months of leaving home, I finally wrote something. I’m not exactly sure of why but I just sort of felt like I needed to pound on this keyboard of mine early in the morning. It was completely unrelated to my novel, but it was still something. After I’ve finished this assignment I’ve been forcing myself to type up (I’m literally gritting my teeth while thinking about it), then I’ll try and get back to doing what I love most. It’s been a long time since I’ve finished a book in only a couple of hours. I was assigned Catcher in the Rye as one of my readings for this year. My professor told us it was her favourite novel…I can see why. I could relate to Holden. I mean, not the whole getting kicked out of school, or losing your brother thing…but this whole drifting around thing. Making up stories for the heck of it, hating when people were wasting their talent when they could be doing so much more with it, longing for company (mine’s a little different than the kind of company he’s into though…ha…ha…ha….). It’s been a while since I’ve read a book where I’ve wanted to meet the characters. The last time I read a book like that was in the 8th grade I believe. It was the Outsiders. It’s one of my favourite novels. I’m surprised that I don’t own it. I will someday.

The first novel I wrote was about a boy a lot like Holden. Just floating around, thinking about death…he was a pretty depressing kid honestly…but everyone loved him. There wasn’t much to like about the guy honestly. He was a liar, he wasn’t a good friend…and even though he tried to be good for his folks, he sucked at that too. He was flunking his math class, and couldn’t seem to do anything write, especially when it came to girls. When I wrote this book, I didn’t know a thing about relationships…I still don’t. I know more than I did then. I could probably fake that I know what I’m talking about, but to be honest, I don’t. I thought I was in love once…and it hurt. It hurt like…when my sister punches me in the shoulder repeatedly for five minutes because she’s bored and has nothing better to do with her time.

Well I’d better go. I’ve got a class…I just randomly thought I’d post this. I haven’t blogged much in a while. It’s not that I’m busy…I mean I should be busy…but it’s something else. Something I just can’t describe.

I was going to tell you about my great-grandfather…he served during the war…but I didn’t. I think I’ll wait until later, when I’ve got more time to talk.