Happy Father’s Day – Thanks Dad

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, who’s always saying great words of wisdom…which I quote constantly on this blog.

Thank you for always encouraging my creativity and for pushing me to publish, and finish what I start.

Thanks for watching Star Wars, Murdoch Mysteries, The X-files and Magnum P.I. with me…wow I watch a lot of cop shows, but I got it from you Dad.

Thanks for keeping your comments to yourself about my random interests.

Thanks for putting up with my blabbering at home, even though I’m quiet in public.

Thanks for letting me steal your code name at Laser Tag James Bond…next time I get to be Yoda though. Yoda is my spirit animal. I just didn’t see it on the list….also you only got 3rd place because you kept hitting me. I’m just saying. Nah, I just suck.

Thanks for always singing along to awesome songs with me in the car, and also for getting me into the bands you grew up with when I was a little kid. You have good taste in music.

Thanks for taking me to car shows, for buying me books and art supplies, for driving me all over the place, for all those years of soccer, music lessons and friends birthday parties.

Thanks for it all.

— R.

P.S. Thanks for making ribs for dinner. They were delicious. You rock.

Trolling Dad

I’m such a troll.

Not the rude obnoxious kind…the kind that makes lame jokes and then giggles about it like a child.

I’m just so easily amused. I trolled my dad all weekend while he was watching a movie. I talked with my sister throughout the whole thing and made references to things that he didn’t understand.

Then yesterday morning I shouted the word my sister and I were screaming during the movie and he just sat there.

…but Dad, if you look at it this way, at least we spent quality time together as a family right? We ate pizza, we laughed…you glared at us. It’s all good.

I’ll get you something nice for your birthday.

Book 12…You’re Almost Mine!

I’ve been searching all of my usual book stores for this book and online and haven’t been able to find it! Been looking for two years…and its apart of a series that I own and I basically own all the books but one.

See two years earlier I was visiting my grandparents and they always take me to Coles or Chapters depending on if we go to the mall or straight to the book store…so I bought two books from the series and before buying them she said, “Are you sure you have book 12, because I’m pretty sure that you don’t.”

And I said, “I think I have it.” and naively purchased 13 and 14.

So when I returned home I was shocked to find that I didn’t have book 12 and therefore couldn’t read book’s 13 and 14. FOR TWO YEARS!


…can you sense my frustration? I looked…everywhere.

Finally, during my reading break my parents were like “I think you can just ask Chapter’s to order the book for you.” so I was like, “Oh now you tell me.”

Sadly I didn’t order the book while I was home. My dad drove me back and after we grabbed lunch he decided to bring me to Chapters and said, “You need to order than book right?”

So then I was all ready to buy my book and then my dad buys it for me! I was like, “Eh? Wha? My money righ’ here man? What you doin’?”

But he bought it.


Thanks Dad. That really means a lot.