Why Stress Out When You Can Write?

I’m in the mood to do some¬†writing right now, and although I have to prepare a rough thesis for this week I find that stressing over what to write goes away when I write something else first. So a little novel-writing tonight, and hopefully after some more brainstorming I’ll have a good idea as to what I want to do for my thesis.

I’d like to see what my characters are up to. They’ve been begging me to give them attention lately, but priorities…homework comes first (or at least…I try to put it first).

Until next time,


Listed on the Syllabus

Essays, reports, labs, presentations…all of them piling up right before the final exams (or in some cases midterms…if you’re lucky). All of these things popping up outta no where!

“They’re listed right here on the syllabus.”


“Page two. Here, where it says, ‘November such-and-such, Assignment Due.'”

“Aw…yah…I see it now. Yah…it’s there. It didn’t just magically appear outta thin air. But I didn’t get the outline for the assignment till last week. I barely had any time.”

“You had time to go and grab poutine.”

“Yah but–”

“And you had time to see Doctor Strange.”

“Yah but–”

“And you had time to order a pizza and play video games until midnight.”

“Yah but I–”

“You have no excuse. You just procrastinated. You put it off too long. And now, you’re stressed out.”

“Wish we could turn back tiiiiiiime…to the good old daaaaays…”

“Shut up! No singing! Sit you butt down and do your work!”

“But I’m hungry.”

“Yah…me too. Let’s go get food.”

“But…I have to do my assignment.”

“Eh…you’ve got till Thursday. There’s plenty of time!”

“It’s Tuesday….”

“Just…pull an all-nighter.”

“Last time I did that…I didn’t do so well on my assignment.”

“Do you sit around and complain all day? Jeez, I’m leaving.”

“Okay bye….”

The line, “Wish we could turn back time to the good old days,” is from Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots.

Anyway, this dialogue just sort of happened all on its own. Hope it made you chuckle a little. I have a habit of inserting song lyrics into actual¬†conversations I have with my siblings…and myself. Since this dialogue is me talking to myself. Happens a lot…yet, why question my sanity?

Exams! Hooray!

I’ve got exams! Isn’t that wonderful! I loooove exams. Exams are awesome!

I’m not being sarcastic. I actually do like writing exams, however whoever decided to place all of this years exams the DAY after our final class was not being very considerate. Sure you all want to head home and enjoy your time off, so do we! Did you ever take into consideration the work load that we might have the last week of class? I doubt it.

To quote my friend, “Are they trying to punish us?”

So that’s why I’ve barely blogged these last couple of weeks. Just a lot of homework and basically no sleep. I did sleep like four hours in the afternoon though…that was nice. I’m definitely sleeping after my exam. My sleep patterns are pretty screwed up though…. I was up till 12 am last night drawing (yep. Not studying…drawing). It was really fun and relaxing…however because my brain was so active I wasn’t tired. Plus there was probably an hour or more where I was lying in bed thinking.

I think I’m going to skip breakfast today. I don’t even feel like cramming in last-minute information…although I probably should refresh. Just seems pointless to cram when you’ve got like a half hour before you need to head over to the examination room, you know?

I’m really calm. I think after all the “things that could possibly go wrong when writing five papers” went wrote, I just stopped caring. Life happens. No need to have a mental break down. Take a deep breath, smile and just push on through. It’s all you can do.

Anyway, best of luck to anyone going through exams right now.

Remember, it’s not the end of the world. You’re worth more than the grade they put on your paper.

— R.