Friday Mornings with Ryder. “You Wanna Date?” ft. Orion.

“Alright. Puff up that chest. Keep that head up. Good, now make sure you’ve got your shirt on frontwards…we don’t want another one of those incidents. Good. Good.”

I blankly stared at myself in the mirror. “I didn’t sleep last night.”

“Forget sleep! Who needs sleep! This isn’t about you sleeping this is about you being confident and awesome and going out there and saying, ‘Why hello there’.”

I groaned. “Dude…can’t I just like not?”

“You wanna date?”


“Then don’t be such a little–.”

“OH KAY! Sheesh…no need to be so hard on me. I’m still figuring this stuff out okay?”

“Well figure this stuff out faster Ryder! You’ve only got so much time!”

I dragged my feet back to bed. “Wake me up when the sun’s actually in the sky.”

“The sun waits for no man!”

“Yah…that’s why I’m waiting for the sun.” I sighed. Then I sighed again and rolled onto my back. Then I rolled onto my stomach again and propped my chin up. “I can’t sleep.”

“Love will do that to you.”

“I’m not in love. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I snapped.

They chuckled. “Then why were you so excited for Friday?”

“Because. I have lots of exciting things to do on Friday.”

“Like what, you don’t even go out for drinks in the evening like normal people. What is wrong with you? Who sits at home and watches cartoons until bed?”

“We do that Orion. We do that.”

“Yah well…I want to do something different this weekend! Let’s get ourselves a date!”

I rolled onto my back again. “I dunno bruh.”

“It’ll be FUN!”

“It’ll be fun…it’ll be fun. Go by yourself.”

“Why are you in denial? Stop denying your true feelings!” cried Orion.

I sighed. “Because I’m not going to let myself get caught up in my emotions and have my heart torn out again. Remember last time?”

“Last time was different. This time it’s for real!” Orion shouted, shaking me. “Doesn’t it feel different?”

“Remember how I felt like throwing up yesterday?”


“Stop shaking me…my stomach feels gross.”

“Oh great! Getting all gross on the weekend! How could you! You planned this! You planned this Ryder! I’ll never forgive you!”


“Hey Ryder, your alarms going off.”

“Hooray…” I moaned, pulling myself out of bed. “I’m going to blog now.”


“I don’t have a date! Do you see me dating anyone!? NO! I’m going to blog like a respectable person and then I’m going to get dressed and blah, blah, blah, blah!”

Orion frowned. “Fine. Be that way…jerk.”

Enjoy your Friday folks.

I’ll be getting ready for class now…since I’ve got nothing better to do. I love my life.



Are You Nervous?

Today a friend of mine asked if I felt nervous about graduating high school.
My answer to her was, “No. Actually, I’m ready to get out of here.”
She looked at me with a surprised expression, as I explained to her that I felt that my time in high school was over and that I was ready for what university life and beyond had in store for me.
Often when we have discussions about my future plans, my parents say that I have my entire life ahead of me to think about these things (buying a house, marriage, etc.), however, like all teenagers believe, I don’t think they understand.
Yes, I have planned out a lot of my future, and though I’ve been told that knowing what I want to do with my life, and having such a plan is uncommon for people of my age, I think it is good to set a course for myself. By knowing which path I want to take now, I am able to get the directions early. Because of this, I know that if I happen to hit a bump in the road, there are still many other ways for me to get to where I want to be. I have no doubt in my mind that I will reach my planned destination, and even if I have to make a few stops along the way, it won’t bother me, for I know where I’m headed.
There are things that I do get worried about, such as living on my own, the well-being of my family and my friends, and finding a summer job. I thank God that I realized what career path I wanted to take at a young age. It’s just one thing less to worry about, and it grants me peace in one of the most important areas of my life.
No, I’m not nervous about what lays before me after I leave high school. I’m excited to see what’s in store for me. I’m ready to have that full sense of freedom. I’m ready to enter into a new atmosphere and have a change of scenery. Yes I know that it is rare for someone my age to feel this way, especially with universities checking into my mid-term marks, but honestly I know that I’ll be perfectly fine. I’m completely at ease with this whole university thing.
Please feel free to share your experiences about leaving high school, or moving out with me. I’m very interested in hearing the thoughts that other people had. Also if you are able to sum up how you felt/feel about leaving high school into 140 characters, send me a tweet @OrionRyder.