Who Wants $10

Hey, I believe if you click this link, you’ll get $10 to use on the site, which I forgot to mention in my last post.

So, if you’re a student like me who always enjoys getting free money…think of me as your grandparents: https://share.society6.com/x/mMOlwr

Merry Nanowrimo Deary,


Mouse Song

I want to sing you a song

To make your pain go away

But my lips are dry

And my throat is tight.

I want to hold you up

I want to keep you safe

But my arms are weak.

Little mouse so meek.

Wish I knew what to do

I wish I knew what to say

But when I try something

It feels like nothing.

Don’t want my heart to break

Don’t want to make a mistake

Before you go away.

Please, don’t go away.

Stay another day.

Stay another day.

For Nana and Granddad.

You’ve always filled my world with wonder.

Please give me the chance to return the favour.

Love, R.


I am officially finished my first year of university! Woo hoo! I made it! I feel really good about my exams and I’m glad that I’m finally able to go home and stay there for some time.

Don’t get my wrong I love this campus and everything but residence life isn’t really for me. The rooms are really dull, it’s hard writing in a room like this. When I go home I’ll write and write and write and write. I love writing. I love it. I really love it. I treated myself to a delicious lunch and everything! Today has been fantastic! I’m so happy feel like busting out my moves and blasting music super loud…but instead I’m going to be respectful of others and just treat myself to a delicious lunch.

It snowed today. It was so cold going to my exam this morning…earlier exams and snow are not a good idea. Least it woke me up a little more.

Salad tastes so good. Seriously…it’s delicious. I love cucumbers and tomatoes and lecture. It was like all my favourite vegetables in one place! Plus they’re on my sandwich! Woo! BLT! I love bacon!


My meal was totally healthy until I remembered the mountain dew, the chocolate bar and the BLT. The salad was so yummy though…ahh…best meal I’ve had at this school.

Seriously…stir fry and salad are my favourite things to eat here.

Well I gotta get eating so that I can start sweeping my floor and packing up my bedding. I am so happy I kept my winter jacket here…I’m a smart cookie. Well at least that’s what my nana says. I love my nana she’s so sweet. She makes me smile. I love my family…I’m so happy. I get to go home and see my folks and actually stay longer than a day!

Happy Anniversary Nana and Granddad

Today I’d like to wish my wonderful grandparents a happy anniversary. They bring a smile to my face because they act like close friends and still in their old age, they hold hands and go out to movie dates.

I’ve promised to write them while I’m away at school. I know that they don’t know how blogs work exactly, though they’ve tried hard to get onto my cousins in the past. I haven’t told them of my blog yet simply because I mainly focus on my writing here, not my life…however that may change just a tad. I have written posts about myself without writing being one of the main themes.

Well, Nana and Granddad I had a wonderful time with you this week, and I’m glad that I got to spend time with you on your special day before heading off to university.

I love you both.

— O. Ryder.