Rambling About My Lack of Exercise

I was going to exercise this morning after I had breakfast…but now I just want to crawl back into bed and take a nap.

At least I had yogurt and an apple for breakfast. I figure if I just eat healthier I’ll stop feeling so tired. I’m trying to either walk an hour a day or do some kind of cardio exercise. I put on weight before Christmas, since I’m living by myself now and I don’t have my mom asking me if I wanna go for a run…and my school closed the track for the winter.

I’m not a big gym person honestly. I prefer doing my workout, outdoors. I like running trails if I can but since I’m not familiar with the trails here I ran around the school track. It’s nice and big anyway, and you can see the forest from there. In the fall it was really great. The scenery here is beautiful.

I just want to stop feeling so tired. I’ve got a headache today probably because I haven’t been taking very good care of myself in the last couple of months. The last time I went out for a run was when it was pouring rain. People must’ve thought I was nuts to be out in that weather…but I got up and dressed without checking the weather outside. Once I opened the front door I decided to throw on a sweatshirt and go out anyway. I had the mindset that I was going to exercise that morning, and that’s exactly what I did. I was in the rain for about three hours though. That wasn’t my smartest decision. It was fun though…running around in the rain, listening to music.

I really need to get that mindset again. I suppose I could do those mall walks like my mom’s been doing, but I’d rather not bus to the mall in this weather. I don’t want to get stuck somewhere and have to call a cab.

Perhaps I could walk outside in the snow on campus? Might as well. It’ll give me an excuse to go find my new class. I just have to be careful of any ice.

I seriously wish I brought my weights with me. I keep forgetting them at home…but I barely use them anymore, now that I’m not doing sports. My dad bought them for me when I was fifteen because I was playing travel soccer and needed to build on my upper body strength. I used to have muscles…now they’re like well not as toned muscles. At the moment I’ve only got to lose like 15lbs which isn’t a big deal. The only thing that’s stopping me from doing so is myself. I should just wake up everyday with this, “I’m going to exercise” attitude.

Least for now I’m eating a lot better. Having my fruits and veggies. I feel a lot better when I’m eating yogurt than when I’m eating chips, that’s for sure.

Well this post has nothing to do with writing but…I mean when my body doesn’t feel good then it sure is hard for me to focus on other things. I think I need to take some advil or something. I thought if I ate my headache would go away. Maybe I need some water? Oh well….it’ll go away eventually.

Enjoy your week everyone!


Writing Tips: Creating a Habit.

We all know that there are good and bad habits, however some find it difficult to create good habits. This is because good habits usually take effort on our part and well, not everyone wants to put effort into things that they feel can be done at anytime.

Making writing into a habit is indeed a heavy task. It takes planning, some serious self coaching and a whole lot of stress relievers. Is it worth it? Of course! Is it easy to do? Not really, but it makes finishing that book ten times easier.

To create a writing habit the first thing you need to do is pick a place to write. This can be anywhere from your living room, to your favourite café.

The next thing you need to do is set up limitations. This seems to be the hardest for people. Not everyone likes to turn off their cell phones, and nowadays many of us use our laptops to do both our rough and good copies when writing, however distractions can have a huge effect on what it is we are writing. If you want to produce a good product then you need to give it your full attention.

Now, what you need to do is schedule a specific time to write. You can try for a couple days a week, or an hour a day. Make sure that you stay consistent. To create a good writing habit you must make sure you are constantly following the schedule.

Tip: Feeling stressed? Do something else!

 A teacher of mine suggested that whenever I was feeling stressed out, or had trouble brainstorming to work on some other project. In this case it is best to pick something writing related but I do not recommend starting a completely new novel. I’ve found that doing so can cause you to stop working on your current book. Instead try writing a short story, or a fan fiction based off of your book. You could also try our other styles of writing for fun, or refine your writing skills.