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Lots of Updates!

Tonight I’ll be seeing an author read a bit of his book. I’ve never been to one of these events before so I’m pretty excited. I’ll try to blog about it when I get home tonight but it really depends on how I’m feeling when I get home. I’ve been running around all day so I might just want to go to bed. Actually I currently want to go to bed, but because I need go out for the…what third time today? I guess I should just chill.

In other news, my classes have been excellent so far. Although I’ve only had about one of each class. It’s still been a lot of fun. I’m meeting new people, seeing familiar faces here and there. I’m going to make good memories this year. That’s my goal.

Writing wise I have a lot to do for school. I’m in a creative writing course so I’ll probably share some of the things I’ve written on here (once they’ve been marked and everything…since I use a pen name online). I realized when I moved into my apartment that I had left a chuck of my writing material at home and had only remembered to bring the two binders I had…. which kind of sucks but I’ll get them next time I’m home…or just scan them onto my computer somehow. Oh wait…I took the scanner. I can’t scan them. Well then…this will take some serious planning.

Overall my first week and a bit back at school has been excellent and I’m working to get out there and make memories. Also my apartment is really nice. I realized I’ve been here for almost three weeks…but it only feels like I’ve been here a week. I thought today was the 13th of September, but it turns out that it’s actually the 15th…according to my phone and laptop. This is why I need to put up my calendar. So I can keep track of things. At least I know what day of the week it is.

Hope everyone else is enjoy summers (probably short) comeback. I sure arm. The sun is nice. The sun is out friend. Don’t complain about the nice weather. Thank God it’s not snowing yet and when it snows, don’t complain because at least it’s not over 60 something degree’s (that’s 140 in farenheit…I Googled that for my American followers. I got you. 😛 ). Just embrace the weather…because whether or not you like it (haha see what I did there?), the weather is going to do what it wants. The weather is its own master. Unless you know…this is Sims and you used your Lifetime rewards to buy the weather changing machine.

Okay I’m going to stop talking now and eat cookies…and possibly spoil my dinner.

Enjoy your week!

Paper: Man’s Best Friend

Man's best friend

When it comes down to it, paper is my best friend.

First of all, paper allows me to brainstorm ideas easily without causing me to worry about how much space is being taken up on my laptop. It also saves me money on memory sticks. Saving money is extremely important as a writer. A lot of us don’t make very much.

Another great feature that paper has is that it doesn’t need to be charged. How cool is that? With paper, I don’t need to worry about finding my charger in less than five minutes. It also helps reduce the anxiety of what might happen if the battery isn’t working properly.

Now, one of my favourite features of paper is that it comes in different shapes, sizes, styles and colours. If I want to write a quick note to myself on some themed stationary, I can do so. I can also make cool crafts using construction paper (which is a lot of fun).

To make things even better, paper not only saves me money and comes with wonderful features, it’s also recyclable! That’s right, paper can be reused over and over and over again. It also breaks down easily unlike plastic, which computers are usually made out of. This means that paper is much better for the environment.

Finally, paper isn’t hard to repair. Even when shredded, paper can be reassembled using clear, scotch tape! Small tears are never an issue with paper, and the price to fix paper is usually around two dollars. Now that is a great deal.

If you’re looking for a loyal friend, who never invades your space, helps you save money, is creative and fun as well as safe and cares for the environment then you should look into getting paper.

Paper, man’s best friend.

Man’s best friend
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