Happy Siblings Day

Dear Big Bro,

Thank you for farting to clear the couch so you can lay down and steal the remote. Thanks for rocking those baseball caps and letting me steal your style when I was younger. Thanks for jumping out of no where and scaring me, and for asking for a bite of my food and eating the majority of it. Thanks for being honest and for embarrassing me in public, and for beating all the bosses in video games for me. Thanks for not letting me watch scary movies with you, and for calling me a nerd, a punk, and for my sibling nickname. Thanks for telling me jokes, for coming to my soccer games (even though you like baseball), and for showing me cool musicians. Thanks for offering to teach me to drive on busy streets and for teasing me about never bringing my licence when you do. Thanks for vowing to beat up kids that picked on me, but never actually doing it. Thanks for chucking me into the toy bin of the soft toys and not the one with the Lego and the cars…because that would’ve hurt. Thanks for sitting through Pokémon and for not thinking I’m weird because I like to watch anime. Thanks for not getting angry whenever I followed you around as a kid when you were with your friends, and thanks for always going “Don’t say that word!” after I heard you swear. Thanks for all your other advice as well, and for warning me about what its really like being a grown up. I listened to that advice, and you were right being a kid is way more fun.

Love you bro.


Dear Little Sis,

Thank you for being my best friend and for listening to me ramble about things you obviously have no interest in. Thank you for throwing things at me whenever you overreact to me eating the last bit of…whatever, even though you ate your share. Thank you for being extremely scary before 11 am, and for glaring at me if I wake you up any earlier. Thank you for getting embarrassed whenever I tease you about the boy who works, you know where, and for going “I told you not to tell!” whenever I accidentally tell mom and dad that you like someone. Sorry…it just happens. Thanks for loving video games so much and for having a great shot in soccer. Thanks for making hilarious comics and for writing songs with me. Thanks for listening to me read my writing to you and for editing my work. Thanks for always following me around and for letting me tag along with your friends when I had trouble making my own. Thanks for taking my side whenever mom and dad lectured me about my decisions as a kid. Thanks for being there whenever I need somebody to talk to, especially when you have better things to do like play Fates or Story of Seasons. Thanks for pointing out how nerdy I am, and for rolling your eyes at me whenever I beg you to watch a movie with me. Thank you for laughing at my jokes and for finishing my sentences. Thank you for not calling me a Goth when I wasn’t a Goth and for convincing our parents that I wasn’t…because I wasn’t. Wait…what? Thanks for telling me if what I’ve said makes any sense to you. Thanks for being less patient than I am but for trying to be whenever you have to. Stay golden kiddo.

Love you sis,