Novel Update! NaNoWriMo! So Much Homework!

I’m slightly surprised at how much progress I’ve made so far. I’m confident that I’ll reach my goal. However, many papers and presentations are getting in the way. They just keep piling up. Where are they coming from? What, November hits and suddenly I’m bombarded with work? Come on! Really!?

Eh…that’s University for yah. I realized the other day that the amount of time I usually spend on my laptop has decreased lately. I’ve been reading in my spare time…however I’ve been slacking a lot of my readings for school. I have a book presentation so…I’d better start that book tonight. Don’t worry, the presentation is very simple and straight forward…oh but I also need to hand in a write-up from my last weeks presentation.

Never do four presentations back to back. I’ve completed three out of four as of 5pm today. One more to go and I don’t have any presentations to do until my play.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a lot of work done on my novel recently. Most of my writing happens before bed, but I have to be careful because I stayed up a little past midnight on days where I had class early in the morning. As I mentioned before, I’m confident that I’m going to reach my goal, which is super exciting. Although, I did receive advice in the passed not to talk too much about your progress because it can make you think you’re farther along than you actually are…and then you slack off. I refuse to let myself slack off though. I want to finish. I have other books that my fingers are begging me to write. I have a habit of working on multiple projects at once, and I really shouldn’t. I just need to dedicate time to this novel.

Well, I should get going. I have some stuff that I need to get done this evening.

Until next time,


Running Weather

I’m actually going out for a run today. The weathers beautiful. I can’t pass up this chance. Plus with all these essays and presentations and so forth, a run will definitely clear my mind and get me thinking.

Not to mention I seriously need to get back in shape.

Colds, Competitions, Complaints and Constellations.

It seems that I’ve been sighing a lot lately. I sign when I am tired, or under stress.

Yesterday, I finally defeated that head cold. Today I am trying to prepare for next weeks very important events; competitions, and presentations. To top it off I still don’t have an actual job, and I’m nearly eighteen. I want to publish my first novel for my birthday. Last year I wasted my money on buying a guitar that I play maybe once a month. I always wanted one as a kid but I’m having trouble teaching myself. I tend to play things by ear. It was so much easier teaching myself how to write properly.

I’m a bit frustrated with myself for not doing as many posts as I would have liked to. I haven’t even kept up to date with writing poetry (which I want to get back into), and I’ve only worked on my novel once this week.

This post may just be the complaints of a teenage writer, but at least it’s a post.

Well, since I have all this work to do before Monday, I’ll get right back into it. I’d rather not have to stress out tomorrow night trying to finish my homework.

I’ll try and blog a little more tomorrow. I always have interesting things to talk about Sunday afternoons.

Until next time,


P.S. did anyone spot my favourite constellation? I see it every night outside my window and like an overly excited kid I say, “Hi Orion! You’re so cool! You’re a hunter! I like your belt!”