Happy New Year!

It’s still New Years Eve, but I wanted to give a quick update as to my novel progress. My novel is currently going through the “reader” phase, which may possibly result in a 4th edit. I’m pretty nervous honestly, but I know I’m going to get some good, constructive feedback that will really help me with my writing.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year this coming 2018!

I’ll do my best to post more. December was a busy month for me due to exams and just…school related everything. Then suddenly it was Christmas and once I finished my editing stuff I went straight to playing with all my new gifts (Thanks Santa).


“Santa isn’t saying Ho Ho Ho!”

My best friend gave my niece an ice cream cone during the Christmas break. My niece suddenly got very hyper…and I saw myself reflected in a four year old.

N: Santa isn’t saying HO HO HO! He didn’t say it! Santa is supposed to say that! A robot got flusheded down the sink!

Me: You can’t flush things down the sink.


Me: No you can’t. There’s no flusher thingy.

Sis: Handle.

Me: There’s no handle.

N: I’m going to flush all the robots down the toilet with the poopoo on it!

Me: Why do you always talk about toilets these days!?

Sis: Because toilets are hilarious.

Me: Psssh. You know what’s HIL-AIR-REE-OUS!? Chicken nuggets.


Me: I love cookies and ice cream and mountain dew and puppies and–

Sis: This is why we don’t let you have sugar.

Me: I know she’s so hyper.

Sis: I was talking about you.

Me: Oh….oh wow…so that’s where she gets it from. Ha…well now we know what to expect.


The next morning my niece got up at 6 am to talk to me about toilets again. I really don’t get it…but honestly after hanging out with a lot of 3 to 6 year olds, I’ve learned to just nod and smile politely.