My Sister

A scowl perhaps when the sun first peers into her window…but like the sun she gleams midday, and brightens up the sky, bringing warmth to everything that she passes over. Although my sister does not possess a delicate air, that of which you’d see on a flower, her strength is never-fading, as the wilting petals of a frail daisy. She embodies a strength in which I wish I too could possess, and her strength is her beauty. Why be a delicate daisy, when her beauty is the strength of a roaring sea?

Happy Siblings Day

Dear Big Bro,

Thank you for farting to clear the couch so you can lay down and steal the remote. Thanks for rocking those baseball caps and letting me steal your style when I was younger. Thanks for jumping out of no where and scaring me, and for asking for a bite of my food and eating the majority of it. Thanks for being honest and for embarrassing me in public, and for beating all the bosses in video games for me. Thanks for not letting me watch scary movies with you, and for calling me a nerd, a punk, and for my sibling nickname. Thanks for telling me jokes, for coming to my soccer games (even though you like baseball), and for showing me cool musicians. Thanks for offering to teach me to drive on busy streets and for teasing me about never bringing my licence when you do. Thanks for vowing to beat up kids that picked on me, but never actually doing it. Thanks for chucking me into the toy bin of the soft toys and not the one with the Lego and the cars…because that would’ve hurt. Thanks for sitting through Pokémon and for not thinking I’m weird because I like to watch anime. Thanks for not getting angry whenever I followed you around as a kid when you were with your friends, and thanks for always going “Don’t say that word!” after I heard you swear. Thanks for all your other advice as well, and for warning me about what its really like being a grown up. I listened to that advice, and you were right being a kid is way more fun.

Love you bro.


Dear Little Sis,

Thank you for being my best friend and for listening to me ramble about things you obviously have no interest in. Thank you for throwing things at me whenever you overreact to me eating the last bit of…whatever, even though you ate your share. Thank you for being extremely scary before 11 am, and for glaring at me if I wake you up any earlier. Thank you for getting embarrassed whenever I tease you about the boy who works, you know where, and for going “I told you not to tell!” whenever I accidentally tell mom and dad that you like someone. Sorry…it just happens. Thanks for loving video games so much and for having a great shot in soccer. Thanks for making hilarious comics and for writing songs with me. Thanks for listening to me read my writing to you and for editing my work. Thanks for always following me around and for letting me tag along with your friends when I had trouble making my own. Thanks for taking my side whenever mom and dad lectured me about my decisions as a kid. Thanks for being there whenever I need somebody to talk to, especially when you have better things to do like play Fates or Story of Seasons. Thanks for pointing out how nerdy I am, and for rolling your eyes at me whenever I beg you to watch a movie with me. Thank you for laughing at my jokes and for finishing my sentences. Thank you for not calling me a Goth when I wasn’t a Goth and for convincing our parents that I wasn’t…because I wasn’t. Wait…what? Thanks for telling me if what I’ve said makes any sense to you. Thanks for being less patient than I am but for trying to be whenever you have to. Stay golden kiddo.

Love you sis,


My Sister and the Books

My sisters class is reading Hamlet and Catcher in the Rye. Two of favourites! Holden and Hamlet. Gotta love ’em.

Catcher in the Rye is currently my favourite novel, next to Oliver Twist, Among the Hidden, The Boy in the Striped Pajama’s and Steel Trapp (I go by my age group for these favourites as well).

So excited…luckily for her I’ve read Hamlet several times and own Catcher in the Rye. Plus I have all my notes from High School and University…so I’m pretty much set. I don’t even have to do her homework for her now. I can just say “Read this” and she can figure it out. She likes to try to get me to do the work for her because she knows I enjoy English. What a kid. She doesn’t like to read anything but comics and video game storylines. Yep…what a kid.

I’m trying to convince her to start a blog. I’ll be sure to let you all know when she does.

Orion Dreams: Attack on Titan…

Have you ever heard of Attack on Titan?

I watched the show once last year with a friend, and had a dream last night that I was that guy Eren as a kid. In this dream, I was packing things to take from our house for my mother and sister, before the titans broke through the walls. Then I laid down on the couch in my house (where I live when I’m not at school) and shut my eyes, holding my old teddy bear that I’ve had since I was a baby.

When I woke up and saw a blue wall instead of a green one, and my heart started racing. I was lying as though I was holding my bear and I started feeling around for it. Then I realized it wasn’t there and began panicking even more, kind of like how I used to as a kid when I took it everywhere with me. Finally when I realized my bed sheets were the wrong colour, I sat up and looked around. That was when I came to the realization, “Oh yah…I’m not at home….titans aren’t real.”

It was scary…

Christmas Memories: The Balloon.


Today I thought that I would tell,

Memories of Christmas past.

Sit back and get cozy,

With your nose and cheeks rosy,

And listen to this tale.

— Orion.


T’was the week of Christmas and all through the house

There was laughter, excitement and a large cookie eating mouse.

My younger sister, at the time of the age of five,

Had a bright blue balloon that hit the ceiling while it flied.

I watched her run around the room.

She dashed by. Zip, zip, zip.

She raced around. Zoom, zoom, Zoom.

As she passed the tree there arose such a clatter.

She cried out and I asked her, “What is the matter?”

“My balloon,” she said with tears in her eyes,

“It’s stuck in the tree. The tree is taller than I.”

I puffed up my cheeks. Oh what should I do?

Call our mother for help,

Or do what we older siblings must do.

So I took the string and I tugged it a little.

The balloon was stuck in this tree so brittle.

I turned to my sister and said, “I didn’t have luck.”

She started to fuss and the balloon she tried to pluck.

She pulled harder and harder on that blue ribbon.

I said, “Let’s just go ask Mom. She’ll get be sure to get ‘em.”

But my sister wouldn’t stop,

Her balloon was up top.

So she jumped up and pulled as she headed for the ground.

My eyes grew wide at a startling sound.

Down went the tree.

Down the balloon.

Towards my young sister,

Who did not see the danger.

My heart raced and away I went,

I pulled back my sister as the tree bent.

Pop went the balloon.

Crash went the tree.

Mom ran in and looked from my sister to me.

“What on earth happened?” she asked worriedly.

My sister hugged me and smiled,

“My balloon was stuck,

I tried to get it down.

Then the tree started falling.

Good thing Eden was around.”

Mom started at me and said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Thank God for you little child of mine.

You saved your sister just in time.

Come let’s all get away from this tree.

Into the kitchen you’ll have milk and cookies.”

My sister looked sadly at her balloon.

“Cookies make your tummy happy,” I said,

“You’ll get another one soon.”

With a nod of her head she followed behind.

She took her hand and placed it in mine.



Orion Ryder. December 24, 2013.

For my little sister.