Trolling Dad

I’m such a troll.

Not the rude obnoxious kind…the kind that makes lame jokes and then giggles about it like a child.

I’m just so easily amused. I trolled my dad all weekend while he was watching a movie. I talked with my sister throughout the whole thing and made references to things that he didn’t understand.

Then yesterday morning I shouted the word my sister and I were screaming during the movie and he just sat there.

…but Dad, if you look at it this way, at least we spent quality time together as a family right? We ate pizza, we laughed…you glared at us. It’s all good.

I’ll get you something nice for your birthday.

Solve My Riddle…

Solve My Riddle!

— The grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge from Dora the Explora.

I haven’t asked anyone to solve a riddle in maybe two years now. That’s a long time.

So here’s a riddle: You give someone a dollar. You are this persons brother but the person is not your brother. How is the possible?