50 Book Pledge

50 Book Pledge

I was asked my Harper Collin’s to join the 50 Book Pledge. The pledge is that I will try and read a certain amount of books within a year. Before 2014 I am going to try and complete 25 books. Because of school I’m not sure if I can do 50 in only 2 months.

I hope that for the 2014 Pledge that I will be able to get in 50 Books and I would love to see lots of people signed up and reading!

The 50 Book Pledge was started up to help make reading a bigger part of our lives. To participate just click the link!

By the end of t…

By the end of this year I will have published my first book!

Orion, the writer who is in need of money and a job as of September 19th 2013.