Resources for Writers

Resources for Writers

Here’s the link to the new page on my blog.

I made this page because I thought it would be a good idea to share what I’ve learned as a writer, with other writers or those wanting to write. 

Feel free to check it out: Resources for writers.

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19 Quirky Conundrums Only Book Lovers Understand

19 Quirky Conundrums Only Book Lovers Understand

Thought I’d share this with everyone.

The first and third one…I really relate to those two.

It is actually the most irritating thing in the world to get a paper cut while reading a book. For example, on Boxing Day I was reading a children’s puzzle book with my niece and while turning the page, I cut my finger open. Its still healing.

Yah, thick cardboard books were an excellent idea…. 😒

Never have I bled that much from a paper cut.

A Helpful Link for Book Editing & Formatting.

A Helpful Link for Book Editing & Formatting.

I found this link extremely helpful when editing my last book, so I saved it to my favourites. I hope that you might find if useful. I know that it is a lot to read, but if you take it a part bit by bit, you may learn something new. I know that I sure learned a couple things.

Rockford Parent: A Simple Thing Most Parents Probably Don’t Think to Do.

Rockford Parent: A Simple Thing Most Parents Probably Don’t Think to Do.

My sister-in-law shared this article on Facebook. Because it caught my attention, I decided to check it out. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent or someone who is just curious to give this a read, I do encourage it.

Here are my thoughts on the article.

I don’t have children yet, but because I work with young children I think that yes, this is a good idea, however I think that the amount of information being asked is a bit…much? I understand the child is young and unable to communicate but at the same time there is such thing as privacy. We constantly are warned about the dangers of giving out too much personal information and yet we are encouraged to do so. Kind of contradictory if you ask me. Now if your child has say, a medical situation where they may need immediate and possibly extra attention when in that sort of situation (such as issues with their heart/lungs), I guess one could say that the more information given to the rescue team the better. I feel that this is more of an opinion based matter. Whatever information you give is up to you. I think the important part is having that peace inside, knowing that you and your young passengers are going to be helped if a situation like this ever occurs.

50 Book Pledge

50 Book Pledge

I was asked my Harper Collin’s to join the 50 Book Pledge. The pledge is that I will try and read a certain amount of books within a year. Before 2014 I am going to try and complete 25 books. Because of school I’m not sure if I can do 50 in only 2 months.

I hope that for the 2014 Pledge that I will be able to get in 50 Books and I would love to see lots of people signed up and reading!

The 50 Book Pledge was started up to help make reading a bigger part of our lives. To participate just click the link!

Which Point of View Do You Prefer?

<a href="Click here to take survey” title=”Which Point of View Do You Prefer?”>Which Point of View Do You Prefer?

I decided to create a survey in order to find out which point of view most authors prefer. The data collected will be followed up with a blog sometime next week.